Games Falling Through the Cracks

I’m not so ballsy as to suggest that this holiday season is the best video gaming holiday season in history, but it’s hard to deny that we’re all getting handed plenty of great games for every system. So is anyone else so inundated with great games that something they were looking forward has ended up being almost completely forgotten?

For me the casualty of the 2007 holiday schedule is Halo 3. I’d been looking forward to it since I got my 360, but Bioshock came out a month before, I had a two week vacation and came back more excited to finish Bioshock a second time than to start Halo 3. Halo hits, but then a wek later Orange Box comes out and having never played Half Life before at all, I got completely pulled into it, Portal and TF2. Add to that the almost weekly release of raw awesomeness in the form of CoD4, Mass Effect, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy and Assassin’s Creed and I just haven’t managed to get back to finishing the single player campaign of Halo 3, much less really get into multiplayer.

So anyone else have something they thought they were going to love end up being left by the wayside?

I still have barely touched Persona 3, and I really really want to really get into it, but I keep getting distracted.

I loved the first Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii) and bought the sequel last weekend. But between trying to finish SMG (it’s a rental), playing TF2 and Portal, my partner still working through Bioshock, etc., I haven’t gotten around to playing it much.

At least I picked it up during Toys R Us’ buy two, get one free deal, so I’m not feeling too put out so far.


I did play a lot of Halo 3, just not as much as I thought I’d play. I played, what, two or three weeks solid, and then Orange Box came out, and then I got TimeShift, then Call of Duty 4, then Assassin’s Creed, now Mass Effect.

If I’m going to play a multiplayer game over my month long Christmas holiday, it’s going to be CoD4. I doubt even the new Halo 3 map pack will be enough to lure me back.

It’s the witcher for me. I picked it up, then hellgate london, then assassin’s creed, then mass effect.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t finished HGL or AC either, too busy with mass effect. But I feel bad about the witcher. I understand they’re releasing a megapatch shortly so it may all be for the best.

Not counting the bought-but-not-played-much backlog, because that’s just depressing…

Ace Combat 6, Crysis, PGR4, and the new Fire Emblem are probably the biggest recent games that I was somewhat interested in, but will probably never get around to buying at this point. The last mainly because I still feel obligated to finish the GC Fire Emblem first, which is also looking unlikely.

I’m the opposite. Persona 3 has kept me away from other games for about 4 months already, except for Phoenix Wright and currently Super Mario Galaxy. It also looks like I’ll have no access to any other current gen systems (including PC) except the Wii, so I’m gonna have to just read about them.

There’s finally a second game I want for my PS3 (Uncharted), but I’m so freaking buried in great 360 and PC games that it’ll probably be in the bargain bin before I get it…

I’m not going to get back to my September level on my “to play” pile until about March, I think.

Oh yeah and Crysis… bought it, installed it, and played the first hour. It sits there, taunting me.

Plays a lot like far cry, so far.

I forgot that UT3 and Kane & Lynch came out in all my Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect hysteria.

My casualty is pretty much my entire GameTap subscription. Lots of stuff I’d like to play on there (not the least of which is catching up on Sam & Max episodes). Yet, I subscribed annually so there’s really no reason to cancel!

Oh yeah, UT3! By the time I buy that, I doubt anyone will be playing it anymore.

Kane and Lynch wasn’t well reviewed.

Damnit, I was really looking forward to that.

You can play these games through 2008… the 2008 release schedule is a lot barer as far as we know, yes? What’s coming out before summer - anything at all?

Lots of stuff. But nothing I was really anticipating, in particular, just alot of good games I’m curious about with just not enough time to play them all.

GTA4. If we’re talking Europe, then we’ll finally get Persona 3 (possibly FES?) and Rock Band releases. Can’t think of too much else, offhand, but there’s been enough to focus on lately that I haven’t been looking too far ahead into the future…

Super Mario Galaxy has taken a backseat to Rock Band and the Orange Box. Odd, considering how much I’d been looking forward to it.

If you have GTA4 but aren’t playing it, you clearly don’t need to look into the future since you appear to be from it.

To find out what the future brings, search this forum for “More bad news for PS3 - XXX delayed until 2008”.

Back on topic: Stalker. I bought it a week before Bioshock was released…

Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 are probably on hold for me from a play and finish perspective (I’m only about 7% into metroid and only got like the first 3 stars in mario).
Uncharted: sits there unopened because I’m way too busy with rock band, mass effect, assassin’s creed, and orange box. I can’t really split my time anymore.
Moh Airborne is now on infinite hold
Stranglehold: loved the demo but also don’t want to start yet for the above listed reasons.
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

As far as purchases that got put on hold:
ace combat 6 (love the series and the demo)
Unreal tournament 3 (I’ll wait until it gets in the $20-30 range)
PGR4 (again like the series and would really like to try the new geowars)
Geometry wars galaxies (wii)
Time crisis 4 (way expensive and if I can’t buy a 2nd guncon3 stand alone then NO SALE!)

Of course now I want to go pick up Ghost Squad (wii) today since I love those old Sega light gun games.