Games for girlfriends

So, I’m trying to find my girlfriend something to play on the 360. So far, her experiences with my gaming habit have not been positive.

She liked The Darkness during the part where I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, but found the eating guys’ hearts part “gross” and “horrible”. Bioshock was too violent, and Halo 3 left her cold. She’s not into puzzle games (Hexic and Lumines did not interest her), so I’m wondering what to do next.

I’m going to rent Viva Pinata as she liked the sound of it from the review I showed her, but I need more backups. Anyone?

Either dump her for a girl that likes videogames or change your gaming habits.

Or accept that you have different interest?
You like playing games and she likes shagging the postman - it’s only healthy.

Seriously, you don’t have to like the same stuff. As long as she’s not adverse to you playing or angering you by calling your hobby stupid, you’re fine.


  • Alan

And if she does that, break her wrist. Nobody drops hatecake on your hobby. Or you could show her the sims and viva pinata. Those seem to be girlfriend favorites.


Guitar Hero.



Guitar Hero II and Lego Star Wars were both worthwhile gateway drugs for my wife. Then again, we spent today playing Halo 3 coop, so ymmv. I can understand not liking video games, period. I can understand how people might regard Bioshock as “too violent”, but I can’t imagine being with a girl who feels that way about either. The only way (I think) I survived with previous girls who didn’t like either is because we never had to live together.

Step 1) Buy a DS
Step 2) Buy Animal Crossing, Nintendogs and Harvest Moon
Step 3) You play the 360 while she sits next to you playing the DS

My girlfriend doesn’t play videogames. She also doesn’t have a problem with me playing videogames, though she does make fun of me for the way I talk tactics into the mic on XBL or PC games.

I think this is a good situation. I’m not gonna try to push her into a hobby.

Racing games tend to have great crossover. My wife loves Forza for example, she just digs real cars so that might be a good starting point.

My wife likes boardgames, but she doesn’t like videogames.
I don’t like Australian soaps.
My kids like videogames and my wife likes that me and the kids share an interest and have no problem giving them and me (both alone and together) time to do what we like.
But I do mock her Australian soaps (and Little House on the Prairie reruns…)

Well, see, you have that crucial nerd common ground. I wasn’t trying to make some general rule out of it, I’m sure there’s millions of people in this very forum extraordinarily happy with their girlfriends who hate videogames. I just couldn’t deal with it all that well, and if Bioshock were to exceed her general violence threshold as well, then I think we’d have problems.

Meaning she’d have to have HUGE breasts.

But I do mock her Australian soaps (and Little House on the Prairie reruns…)

I endure So You Think You Can Dance weekend marathons and Top Model reruns, not to mention Grey’s Anatomy. That sort of taste divergence is unavoidable. Hell, right now I’m making my way through Inland Empire as a result of these tradeoffs.

She does have big breasts…

Viva Pinata
Soltrio Solitaire
Marvel Ultimate Alliance

That’s what my wife will play on the 360.

Proof, please.

There’s a second girl, and the first girl is into it!? Summon ElGuapo!

Try boardgames. My lady is okish with my habit, though I have trouble explaining why us sitting watching TV on the couch is the same as her watching and me sitting next to her fiddling with the laptop.

…but with boardgames she enjoys the fact that we’re spending time together and it buys me bonus time to spend on games.

Go pick up Carcassonne and then if she’s still interested we can provide more tips. You might never really convert her to electronic gaming, but you might help her with some good quality time she feels she’s missing perhaps.

The Mrs likes Lego Star Wars, didn’t mind playing Rayman’s raving rabbids but had to be prized off the PS2 Singstar Karaoke thingy after she and her sister had imbibed a couple glasses of wine. But when all is said and done, I haven’t turned the playstation on in months, she’d rather watch Eastenders.

I do have my suspicions that if I were to buy that bloody karaoke thing it would get played every saturday night. Every woman that’s come round since she had a go on the thing has been interrogated about it and around 100% go all glassy eyed at the thought of warbling along to “I will survive” or something.

Not that I’m allowed guitar hero mind, not when there’s a perfectly good real guitar I could be learning to play instead. :rolleyes: