Games for Mac?

I recently had to switch to the Macintosh for work purposes and am severely missing the plethora of games available for PC.

Any good games for Macs that isn’t World of Warcraft?

Is it an Intel Mac? If so, install Bootcamp and you’ll be able to run most of the Windows games.

I think the new answer to that question is “Bootcamp”, but I’m guessing you’re on an old G4 Mac?

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There are a bunch of games for the Mac. Civilization, the Sims 2, Doom 3, Tropico, Baldur’s Gate 2, Age of Mythology, etc.

Take a look at Apple’s product guide for some ideas for what’s out there. Amazon has a dedicated section for Mac games, and of course Apple stores stock a number of them.

I think Aspyr is pretty much the major creator/porter of games to the Mac. You can get a full list of their stuff here.

Escape Velocity rules.

Wingnuts 2 rocks/