Games for Sale (mostly Xbox and HPS Sims)

My very early-production run Xbox died and I don’t really feel like buying a new one, so I’m selling off some of my recent games (and one PS2 game).

I also have a number of HPS Simulations games I don’t have time to play any more. I enjoy supporting them, just can’t actually play them and they’d probably be better off with a more loving grognard home.

The Punisher (Xbox)
Fable (Xbox)
Destroy All Humans (Xbox)
Juiced (Xbox)
Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack (Xbox)
Full Spectrum Warrior (PS2)

HPS Sims:
Panzer Campaigns: Salerno '43
Campaign Shiloh
World War II In Europe: The First Blitzkrieg
Campaign Gettysburg
Campaign Peninsula
Panzer Campaigns: France '40

Please PM if you’re interested. I’m thinking $30 for each game (and $20 for Fable and The Punisher).

— Alan

I had no idea those HPS sims games kept their worth like that.

Also, isn’t Fable a greatest hit now? If so, it’s already $20…something to keep in mind. Sadly, my X-Box has also basically died. It’s really a shoddy piece of work, isn’t it? I’m thinking I will wait a year to buy the 360…just in case.

My launch Xbox died and I just threw a mod chip in it. Makes a perfect HTPC now.

I thought the new version of Fable was coming out in the fall with all the PC updates?

Yeah there is. I thought it was coming out pretty soon actually.

I’m beginning to wonder if anyone’s launch Xbox is still functioning.


yeah I was thinking the same thing about the launch PS2s.

As far as I can tell HPS Sims barely drop their worth at all honestly.

As for Fable… yeah I guess $15 or so then.

— Alan

I thought the new Fable is only going to cost $20 on XBox? But $50 on PC?

Browsing the completed listings at EBay shows recent copies going for$ 10-15 plus shipping.

Hey guys,

Go ahead and play this thread out, but in the future I’d like to discourage folks selling stuff on the forum. Especially if I can save someone from paying $20 for The Punisher!


Mine is. It was the launch PS2 that crapped out early. I’m three and a half years down without a Sony Game Console.

I’ll still probably buy the PS3 at launch. My anger at Sony for not honoring their warranty is only good for another year. (They told me that I couldn’t get another console because I had licensee Monster Brand S-Video cables hooked up to the unit instead of the default Sony cables that came in the box.)

Besides, I still have a lot of games that I want to play on that system.