Games for Windows: issue 01 (impressions)

Actually I was looking forward to getting the mag and seeing what the the differences would be, if any. So I go to the mailbox and grab a heavy mag with a huge Windows logo on the cover that has a disk as well.

I figured, wow, talk about changes.

It was PC Gamer.

GFW came the next day. The cover was another of those pull off full size ads. Haven’t read either yet. But a quick glance shows that both seem to be ad heavy this month.

Listen to this week’s Gaming For Windows podcast. 90 of it is console based (and to be honest just about every gaming related podcast is wall to wall consoles for the past month) and when they try to think about games for the pc, there is just silence for a few seconds. Its really just not me.

The only pc games I can think of this year that I really loved were Oblivion, HL 2 Episode 1 and Sam & Max and really it has been a banner year for the pc. Its just been better elsewhere.

So the Zinio version has finally come out, isn’t it time for the next issue already?

Yeah, that’ll happen around Christmas.

Does Scorpia have her column back?

No and I really doubt that will ever happen.

Yeah, what’s up with Zinio lagging behind the paper copy so much? Did the name change confuse their subscription system?

I remember a few months back when I couldn’t find CGW anywhere and my subscription would show up AFTER the next issue was due out that the staff said the conversion to GFW would mean it would be avilable everywhere and distribution would be much better. So far that isn’t the case. its gotten worse. Still haven’t seen the first GFW on the stands. Even the electronic version seems lagging. The only way to get an issue timely is apparently to live on the west cost near a publishing hub.

Rob I’m on the east coast and I’ve had mine since well before Thanksgiving. If I were you I’d have a sit down chat with your mailman and casually mention all the new games coming out for Christmas. If he gets that glossy-eyed look or starts to drool even a little, add him to the short list as a suspect.

Which issue, the first one or the second one?

Ahh, I thought you were referring to the first. The second I don’t have yet. It’s out?

Subscribers should be getting the second issue early next week but I got the first issue on the 25. I can’t imagine I’ll see the second issue that soon.

When this thread sprung up the first time I was upset I didn’t have mine and it came a day later in the mail. I would think you would get it even faster than me in Baltimore though. I guess not. :(

Exact opposite for me. The PS3 does absolutely nothing for me. The Wii also as I am not going ot pay $250 just to try out Zelda with the new controller(I’ll just buy or rent the GC version). GoW is the first game I’ve wanted for the 360 but its going to take more than that to get me to drop $400. So basically With 3 new systems out I’m like “ehh what ever”. I’m fine with my PC, XBox, and PS2.

I disagree: I think the PC faithful generally ignore consoles completely; if anything, they want reassurance that MS hasn’t forgotten them while launching the X360. The GFW initiative has already started, Vista has just been officially released (though the consumer version won’t be available for a few more months), DX10 is incoming and represents a big jump forward (if for no other reason than it requires Vista) - seems like a good way to ring in 2007 for PC gamers.

I got the second issue early last week. Some sort of record. Less than three weeks inbetween issues. Liked the cover story on C&C 3. I’m not a big fan of RTSs and the command and conquer series but this version has me interest. If only because its going old school with FMV. I actually miss FMV sometimes.

I do not think you can blame MS or Windows for screwy buggy games.

What is the ratio of bugs that are: Hardware / Driver related vs other issues?

In all the bugs of NWN2, none of the ones I experienced were anything more then ‘game bugs’. Hence, if the game were put out for a Mac or Linux, these bugs would remain.

Ther reason I believe console games are much less buggy is because there is a third party between the publisher and the end user, and that entity, such as Sony, Nintendo, and MS have a higher quality standard you must comply with.

If MS turned around for PC games said that every game had to receive their approval before being published, then the amount of bugs would drop drastically (assuming they actually did some QA on it). However, the cost would be fewer games and more expense.

I am not saying this is how it should be, but the freedom that comes without an overlord who scrutinizes your product, has a price.

You don’t think it has something to do with the fact that the hardware is locked and the devs can predict exactly what kind of system the game will be played on?

That causes compatibility bugs but shouldn’t have any impact on gameplay ones.

For example, turning in a quest and not having the game credit it you with having completed said quest should impact everyone, whether they’re running an ATI or NVIDIA card. And if that code were ported to a console, it would still happen.

Crashes, on the other hand, are usually hardware/driver related.

Something with subscriptions seems to have gotten borked in the changeover. Before I renewed for 2 years, my expiration issue was 12/06, the first issue of GFW. I paid my renewal in September. I still have not gotten my second issue of GFW. I looked online and it says I have 19 issues left on my sub. I sent email asking where “19” came from when I should have 24 including the issue not received. They claim my 2-year sub renewal started on 10/06, which still makes no sense as that should put me at 22 issues (assuming they robbed me of two issues), not 19. And STILL no GFW issue #2 has arrived here.

I can’t seem to find an 800 number to call for subscription problems. The website is complete chaos and makes finding anything related to customer service a real challenge.