Games Industry and Parenting

Great article on game industry professionals who are parents, and how they don’t let their children play M-rated games.

I can only hope that those oblivious parents who do not understand that not all “games” are appropriate for children, are just a generation who will eventually die out. Either that, or we are going to have to rename PC and videogames to something else they don’t think is so kiddie. Any suggestions on new names?

Personal Interactive Murder and Porno.


Yeah its fun. They’re almost somewhat like real people :D

Here is a interview with dad Reynolds

This reminds me that City of Heroes seems to have more parents playing than any other game I’ve ever played. So many of my teams break up because:
“My son’s hungry.”
“Time to put the kids to bed.”
“I got to change the diapers.”
“My girl’s screaming at me to play with her.”

Perhaps someone should do a survey of how many parents play which game.

“I want some motherfuckin’ chocolate milk!”

Too bad kids can’t control what their parents play and for how long.

“No more WoW for you tonight, Dad! Go clean up your room and get to bed–it’s a work night!”