Games Journalism 2014: The Wherever-the-hell-this-has-gone

The premise they used in the article was that a mid-sized studio is anything between a tiny 2-3 man team and a AAA publisher like Ubisoft. Kind of a catch-all for anyone falling between these extremes.

Actually they are a bit bigger than I thought. I count 42 employees in their company web.

Just read the grousing in the DF-9 thread, I think the both the grousers and the studio have a point. Early Access or Kickstarting is inherently risky, and there is no guarantee that you will get what you thought you would get when you put your money down. Sure it’s buyer beware, and you were advised of the nature of the deal, but you only get to trade on your reputation once.

It also appears that DF (unrealistically, IMO) thought this game could self-fund through EA sales alone, and that a lack of EA momentum is a complete justification for terminating development with a arbitrarily declared 1.0 and everyone moving on. That’s a bad business plan, and should have been disclosed to buyers before they bought in. But then, it’s early in the evolution of EA/KS funding, and a certain amount of failures are part of the process, just like they have been for every other business model.

Well obvious to you, but the GG mob seems to think there is one or that his was not close enough. I would think that approach was a good starting point at least. I wasn’t waiting on Titan since there was no information on it, but I was curious what they were doing. Blizzard isn’t a small player in the genre, so what they were aiming for I thought would matter on some level.

The pile of concepts and words the GG mob don’t properly understand is growing so tall I’m afraid someone will be injured when it topples over.

Someone made a thread about GG. We could use this opportunity to move the discussion to just that thread. Pretty please?

Oh, good. Back to journalism.

Here’s the first of Adam Sessler’s new work as a “media consultant” after retiring from straight journalism.

That’s… something.

Game journalists that pass over to the “game consultant” role are note worthy.
But after having seen that video, “media consultant” seems to be like the old “game journalist”, except now there is no reason to hide he is being paid by the company to promote a game. :P :P
Not a lot of difference between the two, this is the same but exclusive to one company.

Just so everyone knows, Brad is a mealy-mouthed coward and this is what he’ll do if he doesn’t like you:

These people took a bunch of screenshots of the BF forum to find information to wage personal attacks on it, and are doing so.

Adam Sessler is one of the best human beings one could ever hope to meet. Good for him.

Sessler might be. You, though, are a piece of shit.

What, in the holy fuck, are you trying to accomplish here?


Are you going to change Brad’s mind, do you think? Because I foresee a lot of long, drawn out explanations and pile-ons and all sorts of other bullshit if he engages at all. If you really need to take potshots, pop onto twitter and do it like a “man”. Or better yet, be a real adult and form your opinion and just move on.

I have my opinions about Brad’s actions, and if he for some reason actually cares, I’ll be happy to expound in PM. But I’m not about to just start spewing stuff here, because it’ll inevitably lead to follow-ups, pile-ons, counter-pile-ons, and the exact type of bullshit that makes this whole subject so incredibly juvenile.

If there are minds to be changed and points to be won, it’s pretty damned apparent that they’re not going to come from the trench warriors who are deeply invested. Instead, they’re going to come from folks on the fringe who have moderate views and can be swayed one way or the other by the actions of people and forming their own opinions based on those actions.

Unless it’s just about “Someone on the internet is wrong!” If it’s that, then by all means, go ahead. Just be aware that today’s modern windmills are a far sight more deadly than the old, stone, Spanish versions of yesteryear.


Would you like to weigh in on the comparative deadliness of Renaissance Spanish windmills? :P

What mouselock said. I may not be a big fan of the way Brad sometimes carries himself, but you, Nathan, are way out of line. Wrong as I may feel Brad’s statements may be, he like everyone else deserves to be treated with a modicum of decency and respect. If he does not reciprocate that’s on him.

Some people don’t need the truth, they just need an excuse to do what they are inclined to do anyway.

And seriously, Nathan, if that’s all you have to add, please give eveyone (including you) a break and return to lurking.

Hahahaha you linked a Brietbart article

I read Brietbart’s autobiography, too. He was an interesting guy.

That website is Fox News-level junk. I am sure you knew that.