Games Journalism 2017: Gaming news in a post-truth world


Short and sweet just: “I clearly misread the situation and fucked up. I wish person the best. Please contain discussion of me personally to the appropriate thread.”


Yeah. Same basic idea but I like yours better.


Anyone have a subscription?

Twitter comments make it sound like it’s a BS rumor. No one can find it even behind the paywall. Probably garbage, but keep an eye out for it.


I’d love to see Capcom bought out. Capcom’s biggest problem has always been Capcom.


I’m just not sure who I’d trust with that acquisition. EA and the like don’t have the best track record with long term viability of acquired properties. If it went to a platform holder and became one console exclusive that would kind of suck. MS seems like the most likely in the latter scenario but I also feel like they are possibly the most likely to mishandle the properties over the long haul, just look at Rare.


After the way Capcom has snubbed them and their fans recently, I’d love to see it be Nintendo, just for the sheer hilarity of a company going from nothing but token support outside of one niche-outside-of-Japan IP to full exclusivity forever.


All I ask is that whoever owns them bring back Powerstone.


Justice would be SNK buying Capcom.
I’d settle for Nintendo.


As much as I’d enjoy the cosmic irony there, I’d rather they end up with a company that’d use their IP for games than one that’d just make Monster Hunter and Street Fighter pachislot.


SNK is back to making traditional games now- they were bought out last year by well-funded Chinese chicken farmers who have the goal of making SNK IP the Marvel of Asia.

KOF14 came out this year, and next year is going to be NGBC2. A Samurai Shodown is also supposedly in development.

They’re now in better shape than Capcom.


I mean, “better shape than Capcom” isn’t saying much - a significant part of Capcom’s ongoing woes is their continued inability to do what every other major studio in Japan (even Nintendo!) has and make a successful mobile game.


I think Nintendo would be best because of their back catalog that Nintendo would plumb for some great things IMO. Resident Evil as a Nintendo game might even be enough to lure Mikami back for another shot. They could also let Platinum get back at things like Viewtiful Joe. The return of Final Fight… Mega Man… hoo boy…

I just don’t see anyone else doing that.


I don’t even see Nintendo doing a lot of that, as there really isn’t much money in a lot of Capcom’s current IPs, let alone the old ones. Resident Evil is one of their biggest IPs, and the most recent entry lost literally half the franchise’s install base. Street Fighter V only retains players because of the tournament money, and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite has been a colossal failure. Monster Hunter has only ever been popular in Japan, and isn’t suddenly going to become a worldwide success just because they put one game on a console instead of a handheld - and even if it’s somewhat successful anywhere else, investors are going to riot when Monster Hunter: World hits shelves in Japan and the game does worse there than the late Switch port of Monster Hunter XX. Dead Rising ended up chained back to Microsoft, and the sales numbers have reflected the unpopularity of that decision pretty well. With older stuff, there’s a lot of overblown nostalgia for Mega Man that would never translate into actual sales of a new game, there hasn’t been any real interest in a new Final Fight since the SNES, and…well, it’s not like Capcom has anything else in the way of “classic” IPs that would have even the slightest chance of being home-run successes if they were revived. (This applies to most publishers, actually.)

In many ways, Capcom has poisoned their IPs to fans, particularly in the west, which is why I don’t think any other company would do much with Capcom’s IP stable either - or, at least, not anything anyone here would be happy with. If they really are looking at being bought out, it’s easy to see a scenario where Koei Tecmo, Sega Sammy, Namco Bandai, or Square Enix picks them up just to have access to the handful of popular Capcom IPs for mobile games, plus Monster Hunter for easy money in Japan.


Devil May Cry is so dead it doesn’t even get mentioned…


The last Devil May Cry game that wasn’t a rerelease came out in 2013, and series fans hated it because it “directly attacked” them, so yeah, it’s not even worth mentioning.

(Would be super-sweet to see DmC Definitive Edition on Switch, though!)


If the main guy didn’t look like the head of the company making it, I probably would’ve been interested in DmC. They lost me right there. That was clearly his intent, to be immortalized as young Dante.


What a petty reason to dismiss a really good game.


As opposed to all the other people dismissing games because they don’t like the artstyle?


Yeah if you can’t stand the art style, why endure it? There are games I don’t play due to the art or the music or some other creative choice they made, kind of like movies.


Yep. Bad art is a deal-breaker for me.