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Has anyone suggested you couldn’t? I’m not aware of a material written language that hasn’t been decoded these days, going all the way back to cuneiform and hieroglyphics. But there’s no point in making any of these the actual language used in games.


Especially since we’ve already got Dovahzul.



My point was we don’t need a time.machine.


There’s Minoan Linear A, the aura of mystery surrounding the Minoan civilization inspired the creators of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis concept of the Atlantean civilization in the game.

I think we can read Etruscan, but we don’t know what most of the words found on inscriptions on tablets, tombs and the like mean.

Outside of Europe, the Harappan scripture found on the remnants of the so-called Indus Valley civilization is still a mystery.



Waypoint is awesome. I though their explanation about their lack of coverage of Kingdom Come was very well done and thoughtful.


So true.

Come on. Nobody can say with a straight face that their complaints are actually concerns that the game isn’t historically accurate enough. It’s hard not to actually laugh out loud even typing that.

Another irony is that if they were actual advocates of diversity they would laud this game for its exploration of a culture (eastern European) that is badly underrepresented in entertainment, and existing representations are generally negative. And they would demand that there were Chinese and white Dutch guards in Black Panther to be consistent with their defence and rationalization of the insertion of non-norse characters into Thor’s Asgard. But they just want conformity with their wackiness, not diversity. They are completely nuts.


Wasn’t this about the armor? It isn’t a complaint, just a geeky history discussion in an obscure subreddit. It’s an interesting discussion, but even the author really wants to play it anyway, despite his tone, so who cares?


No, it wasn’t. That’s a separate point discussed by others above.


Why would 1403 Czech need to be ‘cracked’? Aren’t there extant books written in that language and scholars who can already read them?


EEs and South African whites are the only ones left on the “OK to shoot” list that aren’t nazis, zombies, or aliens.


Here’s what happened in this thread:

  1. Someone brings up the Waypoint podcast which discussed the meta commentary around Kingdom Come, because the main creative lead is a GamerGator and was thus indirectly or directly responsible for contributing to a culture of harassment and bigotry, some of the victims who happened to be people who work for Waypoint.

  2. One of the very minor points they brought up on the podcast was that the same creative lead had argued that there are only white people in the game because he thinks that’s historically accurate. That was a red flag to the Waypoint crew because of his prior defense of GamerGate but they didn’t really dwell on it.

  3. Regardless of the fact that Waypoint barely discussed it, the mere mention of its existence ended up detailing this thread quite a bit.


I was silently here, I was just talking about that specific quote that was in response to a specific quote and so on.
But on the second paragraph/quote, I don’t disagree with Desslock. While there might have been a black, Asian or some other minority here and there, realistically they’d have to be mistreated and abused by pretty much everyone, and that would be much more complicated to respectfully portray in most games. Jews would be more likely to have historical relevance, and yet no one cares, so “They are completely nuts.” sounds about right. Good spirit, completely wrong fight.

Back to your scheduled discussion** of an interesting game that I’ll love to play… years from now, most likely. I wanted to link to an interesting discussion on language and how we know what ancient words sound like all the way from proto-indo-european, but I couldn’t find it. :(

EDIT: ** ops, this isn’t the thread of the game, but you know what I mean, don’t stop on my account.


lool, how many lies can you fit in one post? I count 7. Just ridiculous.


Please enumerate.


I just listened to that podcast today, as it happens. The “why are there no black people in a game set in 15th century Bohemia” thing was something they covered repeatedly and extensively. It was arguably the meat of their argument. And their objections to it were so uninformed and intellectually dishonest that it kind of poisoned the rest of their argument for me.


No minorities or women in significant roles right… good to see gaming has changed not one bit.


It’s changed plenty. Not every game has to be the same. Do you really think it’s a bad thing if there was a Samurai-era game that didn’t have a Richard Chamberlain type? Or a Dirty Dozen “men on a mission” game that didn’t have significant roles for every gender and orientation? Or a game about defending the Great Wall from invading monsters that just had Chinese actors and didn’t have Matt Damon?

Can certainly understand wanting more representation in games or other entertainment, or ones that have main or mostly female characters (like Naughty Dog’s been doing in its last couple of games), and I’ve always been a strong advocate of RPGs having as varied as possible player created characters (instead of fixed protagonists) and the genre has traditionally led the way in that regard.

But creators should be encouraged to create whatever characters, and use whatever settings, as they want to create their worlds and tell their stories, or we’re just quelling creativity and narrowing player experiences and participation.

There are plenty of voices out there with the desire to tell stories - we need more game developers like David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Ryan Coogler, and fewer games/movies that smother those voices for reasons other than creative inspiration.


Because Czechs are such a world’s majority and are so overrepresented in movies and games, right?


They could have thrown in a bone, such as a side quest featuring an Asian or two (Tatar or Turk perhaps?). The game may depict medieval Boemia but it was created today.


Except tokenism never satisfies the complainers. If your self-assigned job in life is being dissatisfied and crusading to “fix” things, what are the odds that you will ever declare your work done and move along to something else? People don’t throw away their identities that easily.