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From the tweets that got her fired to her non-apology in the Polygon piece, Price seems determined to make it a gendered topic. The discussion seems to flow from that.


Let me know when we can start our own glorious revolution and bring back the guillotine!

We better do it soon before AI gives the control combat robots that will obey without question.


Yes, this. The other guy isn’t being as discussed because he never played the gender card. Or the victim card.


Well except this isn’t actually true. He’s been discussed here, multiple times. both guys actually.


I think you missed the tiny little “as” right in front of “discussed”.


Didn’t I bring him up? So, there is that.


I think he’s been discussed and brought up multiple times here almost by everyone in this discussion. What else are you looking for? He defended her. She is still the primary person in the original twitter topic so of course there will be more discussions about her. Like are you looking for a post by post count?


Can discource do that?


You’re reading things where there’s nothing. Please don’t.


He’s not getting as much attention as Price is, but it’s hard to say if that’s merely because Price is the one out there giving interviews, or if it’s as specific as the things Price is saying about gender.


And how many cards does it take to read things that aren’t there?


The scale of the handwringing though far outpaces any “crime” she may have committed in her sub-optimal response. And nobody at all, for or against, seem to be interested in the guy. Frankly his firing seems even more “unjust” as far as these things go.

This discussion seems gendered because for some reason everyone for and against, suddenly becomes extremely interested when it’s a woman.

No, the discussion is gendered because she made it so by the reaction to the tweet. The discussion has become lively because of her continued insistence of pulling a gender card when it is not applicable.

PS - Sub-optimal seems to be a sub-optimal way of describing her reaction. Her response called a valued customer and member of the community effectively a bigot. This is not just sub-optimal. It is unacceptable.



Well, that does seem to a gender thing…


Trust but verify and I do not believe this is a credible report.


Well, there are to competing narratives, and this certainly seems to fit one of them better than the other.


This certainty that being aggressive on social media gets you fired is kind of cute, because there’s someone who said all this in a single day in a single thread on the official forums:

“I am arrogant… but I am tired of defending my design and getting attacked on the forums for design-decisions that WORK, and makes more and more people play the games.”

“I’ll retire in about 30 years! Hope you are still alive then!”

"Explaining why its important to a bunch of players is a bit like trying to explain algebra to 3 year olds… "

“I don’t give a fuck about the AI in this issue… Its a matter of problem for the players vs players…”

He’s done it more than once, and while I disagree with some of his design choices, I mostly excuse what happens because it is a result of toxic language.
I’m sure him not going anywhere has more to do with him being in a tight-knit Swedish company than with being a white male, but no, angry rants don’t have to get you fired, and not caving to the toxic pressure clearly doesn’t have to lose you money either.

On the other hand, all I have on the current case is a couple of tweets and shit for context, so I don’t have much of an opinion on Pricestorm. I do want to say that @ArmandoPenblade’s dissertation was fucking brilliant, though, it took me way too long to understand that perspective.


So, I understand that this is the core issue for one side here, but I have trouble seeing it from this perspective. Stories like the one I’m linking below seem to make it clear that there is a gendered component to this experience. That doesn’t mean that the streamer guy said what he said intending to dismiss Price because she was a woman, but it does speak to her understanding of what happened and her experience.


It does appear that you feel Price was denied some sort of “due process.”

Which I put in quotes because there’s not really any owed in the at-will context and because it seems pretty clear Price feels completely comfortable with her posts and resented losing an opportunity to explain why. Which I suspect would have had zero benefit or persuasive effect, but who knows?


But there should be some due process. I feel like most developed nations have some level of protection that we lack in the US. And by most, I mean all.