Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


IIRC, English isn’t even this guy’s primary language.


Ever smart with their money when they get it. Puts more pressure on Unity - either match and take a financial hit they aren’t nearly as equipped to afford or risk losing creators to better ratios on the UE4 marketplace.


I said this to @Jason_McMaster in a different forum, but one thing she and any other writers out there should definitely keep in mind is that you are 100% expendable regardless of your gender. Writers are a dime a dozen to the higher ups for the most part. You may not like that and you may think it’s bullshit, but that’s the way the creative world works. Few people value that particular skill.


Just a general point on the role of Twitter/Social Media for professionals in general :

There is a strong trend towards people identifying themselves as an expert and engaging publicly as a way to build their personal brand and market their skills. When these folks are also employed by a third party they are usually faced with 4 options (with increasing order of risk)

  1. Pause their social presence for the duration of their third party contract
  2. Continue their social presence as is and keep the third party contract hidden
  3. Make the third party contract known and continue their social presence but moderate content
  4. Make the third party contract known and continue their social presence w/o moderation (sometimes switching between different ‘personas’ for ‘professional tweets’ vs non)

Based on what I understand it sounds like Price was doing #4 - which is the riskiest option for anyone who has a social presence. I think everyone should consider being more mindful about the reach of their tweets and consider a different approach to their social presence.


Me too. Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve read his tweets a dozen times not believing that people read anything negative in them. I would be very happy for all of my customers to talk to me all day long like that guy.
FWIW I would have fired her in a heartbeat for her reply.


it’s like we’re all different people with different life experiences.


In happier news part 2


Cool! Well, I’m happy, but does this mean that all of us need to be vocal about hating alt-Rights?

I am saddened that the default is no longer “everyone knows that Alt-Right isn’t welcome here”


Forcing people/companies to take sides is part of the culture war. “If you’re not with us, you’re with them”.


They were responding to previous rumours and elements of the new RPG. They removed the everything that could conceivably be interpreted as pro alt right and told the alt right “fans” to go away.


I am fine with that. There has been too much normalizing of undemocratic extremist groups the past two years.

Companies particularly entertainment companies should be taking the side of western liberal democracy. After all deviant artists are often the first ones to be attacked by fascist/totalitarian states when they come to power.


Yep, see below you.


If you have something to say to me, please say to me, Nesrie.


If i wanted to address you I would have.


You wanted to give the impression you addressed him, or maybe @Rod_Humble, in a roundabout way instead?

That’s weird man, especially since neither of them give the impression that the “alt-right” is somehow welcome somewhere.


That’s great news, although I’m not really likely to ever play a tabletop rpg again.


If you’re trying to read my mind, you’re failing terribly. You can stop trying to do it anytime time.

I addressed lego because I am agreeing with lego. The default is not even consistent here; hell we’ve set out tea for alt right in this community. And there are three posts above mine, not one.


I don’t want to read your mind. I neither need or want to go anywhere near your mind. I’m just pointing out how the post reads a little odd.

I know. I addressed them!


We all must put “anti-nazi, anti-pedophile, anti-altright” into our social media bios lest we get mistaken for the enemy


Didn’t seem very complicated to me. @rhamorim felt uncomfortable with the trend of setting out the acceptable views of an audience for a game by its creators, @Nesrie and @legowarrior felt some groups go simply beyond a difference of opinion and should be excluded. I agree with the latter but @rhamorim is making a perfectly reasonable argument .