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Sure, but we have the French to thank for our freedom!


Oh, you had to pull me back in with something interesting, damn.

That’s a really interesting historical time, and the French monarchy ultimately bankrupted itself by aiding the American rebels to screw with its old foe the Brits. And that lack of funds led to the calling of the Estates-General to fix a lot of France’s archaic and fractured tax laws, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and a hell of a lot of bloodshed in the pursuit of the ideal. Illustrating two very different implementations of Enlightenment concepts.

Highly recommend Mike Duncan’s Revolutions seasons 3 and 4 for the parallel stories of revolutionary France and Haiti. Turns out the French were even worse at race relations than the Americans.


Sad Cassandra says


The fired IGN writer posted a response on his Youtube channel, where he says what happened to the Dead Cells review was “not intentional” but accepts “full responsibility for what happened.” He also dismisses Jason Schreier allegations that his FIFA review was plagiarized as simply chasing clicks and kicking someone while they’re down.


Amusing video…

IGN - apologizes
Dead Cells developer - apologizes
Person he plagiarized from - offers best wishes


Oliver Twist actually asked a question. How do you think this refutes anything?

If streamer douche wasn’t white and male he probably wouldn’t have assumed his insipid comment was inherently valuable. If Price was a man he probably would have addressed her as an authority on the subject rather than someone requiring correction.


Yeah, it’s a bizarre move to double down. At least his video isn’t going over well at IGN.


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I’m speaking only for myself, but please don’t drag this discussion there again. I don’t think his opinions originate with that even, disturbing as they may be.


Seriously? Get bent.


Regardless, none of this conversation should be happening HERE. Can we please all take a look at the title of the thread and talk about that?


To redirect on-topic, Schreier has identified what he believes is an additional plagiarized review by Miucin:

It is interesting to see plagiarism “in the wild”, as it were. I don’t know that I would have noticed it myself, even had I seen these reviews back to back, and if I had, I probably would have just chalked it up to press release copy pasta or simply cliched writing.


I would’ve just assume some publisher or developer released some PR spiel and the reviewers just took it and ran with it, kind of like when you a company releases a new product with a checklist of all the highlights, so when someone review it they make sure they cover all the claims.


I mentioned on Twitter, but this gasbag is lucky Jason Schreier doesn’t have access to his old schoolwork or he’d likely be seeing highschool and college diplomas become invalidated.


Exactly, that is why it is so insidious. It is just lazy writing, and the fact that most of these “review every game” websites have to put out reviews so quickly one after another, they all begin to sound the same.

But, hoo boy, there is a pattern with this guy.


This is quite the bald assertion here. But if the streamer weren’t a white guy he certainly wouldn’t be getting pilloried in certain quarters, that much is absolutely true.


Yeah he’d be strung up in other corners of the internet instead, and probably have a massive campaign to get him and everyone associated with him fired.


IGN has posted thier “V2” review.

A damn good review after that fiasco, in that the reviewer nailed down why I think Deadcells is good.


Not word for word I hope.


I was plagiarized a couple of times very overtly - both guys were found to have done it to others as well. Both guys gave apologies that sounded almost identical to this IGN reviewer’s apology, for what it’s worth. It’s a weird aspect of the offence, at least based upon those 3 anecdotes, that they all admitted that would they did was wrong but all insisted it was unintentional (including making up fantasies that they read the original material and must have unconsciously memorized it, because they didn’t know how else it happened but admitted that it had).

It’s as if persons who are morally weak enough to plagiarize are too morally weak to accept that they did what they did, even while admitting the punishment is justified. I really think that people don’t commit this crime in order to save time or steal content that they enjoy and want to take credit for - they do it because they are broken in some way and have a strange compulsion. The fact that they plagiarize almost word for word, sentence by sentence, and usually don’t even change the order of sentences, etc. also seems to indicate that it’s not the act of someone acting rationally (aside from the moral implications). They’re just broken.