Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


To be fair a lot of the reference artwork in that link is public domain (same with Disney movies), although there are certainly enough examples of copyright breach there to raise an eyebrow. I don’t buy the “stealing the world building from Dust Tactics” part, though. The game is not the first to have a similar theme and Jakub does bring a very different tone to his art that is indeed unique.


I don’t know enough about the art in question to make a judgement, but no smoke without fire maybe?


Yea, lets me make my words better:

Stealing in art is Ok, if it come with character assassination. You have to make your art so good, that people have no interest in the source. If they even find you stole from somewhere else, they will have not interest in the original, only on your own version.

Tracing art don’t seems a good way to do that, but maybe combined with other technique. maybe?


China has stopped approving videogames. It has also banned Monster Hunter World after previously approving it for sale.


Design in general isn’t protectable unless you’re making too close a copy and deceiving customers. Iterating over and mixing older ideas is just the way creativity mostly works. (As far as I understand it, I’m not creative at all).

Knowing how it works, I’m wary of the reliance on automated tools that, in the end, rely mostly on statistics. A 1% chance of being wrong is still wrong in 1 out of 100 tests, a small amount of what they’re used on. As a pre-screening tool or a recurrent pattern, though, I can trust a lot more.

Copyright expired back before Disney existed, and didn’t cross expression mediums either. Now it swung too hard into often being just yet another rent-seeking behavior.
A better example would be the shots (and plot points) that Lucas copied fairly blatantly into Star Wars.


Welp. My comments are rarely about what is legal or not, because I am not lawyer.

Also what is legal or not is meaningless. Smoking weed can be illegal in a particular place in a particular time, tomorrow can be legal in the same place, or 400 miles north.
Society change and with it, their laws.


I am definitely not a lawyer, and certainly not in the US either. But yes, things should not be disassociated from their time, which (very rarely) makes me slightly cautious about the current anti-harassment focus as well.

Unfortunately, what is legal is also too many times meaningless due to what money buys you. A “very serious” journalist on a “very serious” paper would have a much easier time failing at ethics.


Wow, thanks for this! I never knew the Scythe guy traced, as the critic notes there is nothing wrong with that, but just openly saying so rather than trying to hide it would have been much better.

In Electronic music it is now just assumed most people are using (legally bought) samples or pre built packs of one kind or another. In fact its now noteworthy when a musician makes their own stuff from scratch but there is no stigma to using samples.


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I dont quite get the reference man? Can you explain?

Edit: oh the pun? Accidental I am afraid :)



More excellent journalism coming out of Waypoint:

Of course the dude supports GamerGate. Because of course an openly racist piece of shit does.


Might raise a grin or two :)


Thorin is a huge piece of shit. I used to watch the ESL Counter-strike league, but when I learned about this guy, and how he continues to be supported by the community… it lessened my enthusiasm a lot.

Esports needs to rid themselves of these toxic people immediately. Guys that say shit like that don’t deserve to represent your brand and your game. Hell, Valve could step in here. We won’t allow you to use our game or assets or support for your event if you hire this guy, as we don’t want him associated with his game.


Slightly 2 real


A fantastic, in-depth feature about Visceral Games’ shelved Jack the Ripper project, that was canned nearly a decade ago.


Michael Cunningham, EIC of RPGamer, has passed after a long battle against cancer.


RIP. :(((


Hey look, there’s a name for what kind of gamer I am - apparently I’m a transitional!


Yeah same. I find the categories fairly unsatisfying though tbh. Essentially its “do you play on console, pc or mobile primarily” which sure, but I was hoping there were new insights to be had.