Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


The original Turok on the N64 also had this scheme, wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t the first either.


I was about to say that, I remember Turok using that control scheme. Worked pretty well, but the main thing I remember about Turok was all the platforming to and from tiny little platforms.


Hahah. Yes, that is precisely the thing that immediately springs to mind when I hear the word “Turok”. Jumping from tiny platform to tiny platform through the fog.

Edit: I always forget that Turok came before Goldeneye 64, since I personally played Goldeneye first, so I encountered that control scheme first in Goldeneye.


I am not going to say that there isn’t a bit of stupidity when it comes to college campus activism (I mean, look at TPUSA on the right) and certainly there are issues, but Evergreen State College is a bad example of a small community being the victims of an online mob after a professor who decided that suddenly a day of absence that was ok for POC wasn’t ok for white people.

The Yale thing is a much better example, definitely. Reactionary decision making in general is bad.

But yes, we should move the thread back to games articles.


That article on “Gigantic” was excellent. I barely knew about the game other than its Microsoft exclusivity being touted at press events. Sounds like they are one of the many developers who get completely destroyed by signing a deal with a big publisher. They give you just enough rope to hang yourself on.


Not quite, it was “progressive intellectuals resisting identity politics”, which is different from disagreeing. No sane person should disagree that some people take things too far in any direction (even if it’s really hard to admit, or the examples are wrong), but that doesn’t mean I’d think you are Nazi more than that @Nesrie wants to jail all men - both are silly notions.

On a closing note, I get that some people are very engaged with the issues for all sorts of valid personal reasons. I was personally trying to discuss and learn people’s views and were they come from. If I was aggressive at any point to anyone, I’m genuinely sorry.


Do you want to reword that?


That neither of you is a villain planning on ruining the world? Na. Or did I screw up grammar and really can’t tell?


It’s worded a little oddly which is why I am asking you about it.


Are you more or less inclined to jail men than @RickH is a Nazi?


Got it, changed.

I had never heard about Gigantic (it’s not something I’d play). How often do small teams manage to be successful with a complex first game, especially one based around competitive PvP? I admire the attempt, but it seems like making the Himalayas your first mountain to climb.


Riot was started with 1.5 million of seed money with just a handful of people, and where are they now?

It definitely does happen. I think if Gigantic would have launched in 2015, they would have had a better chance in the market. It just sounds like a lot of bad luck, and a few bad decisions tanked them. I really loved the whole, “This was the worst day of my life” when he let everyone go, followed by one month of the team working for free until funding was found being one of the better times of his life. Pretty awesome of those guys to stick on, even when they had recruiters finding them other work.

The whole story reads like a movie about a plucky group of devs going through thick and thin… and then it doesn’t have a Hollywood ending.

Reading through it, you can see one of the huge issues is that they made some pretty poor decisions early on due to lack of knowledge in the industry and game design. It was a small team, and they eventually hired the people they needed, but it wasn’t enough. Hindsight 20/20 of course.


Yeah, I imagine had they focused on getting it out there in players hands instead of polishing and refining the project it might’ve been a different story. I’m sure concerns were raised by others on the team, but from the piece it sounded like the leads were very passionate and a little stubborn.


Yeah, that is how games do it now. PUBG released and it was buggy, but the large playerbase sustained that early development.


So… this is a thing?

it seems like an onion article, but apparently not.


OK I realize this isn’t cool but come on, this is kind of cool -


Prize machines are just giant loot boxes anyway, except your odds of getting anything good are lower.


Thats just how childrens are born these days, with a console in their hands. The machine was the mother.


Lovely, just lovely.


What else would a kid be good for? They’re so small.


“How else do you expect me to polish the inside of a 45 millimeter shell casing?”