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Are you more or less inclined to jail men than @RickH is a Nazi?


Got it, changed.

I had never heard about Gigantic (it’s not something I’d play). How often do small teams manage to be successful with a complex first game, especially one based around competitive PvP? I admire the attempt, but it seems like making the Himalayas your first mountain to climb.


Riot was started with 1.5 million of seed money with just a handful of people, and where are they now?

It definitely does happen. I think if Gigantic would have launched in 2015, they would have had a better chance in the market. It just sounds like a lot of bad luck, and a few bad decisions tanked them. I really loved the whole, “This was the worst day of my life” when he let everyone go, followed by one month of the team working for free until funding was found being one of the better times of his life. Pretty awesome of those guys to stick on, even when they had recruiters finding them other work.

The whole story reads like a movie about a plucky group of devs going through thick and thin… and then it doesn’t have a Hollywood ending.

Reading through it, you can see one of the huge issues is that they made some pretty poor decisions early on due to lack of knowledge in the industry and game design. It was a small team, and they eventually hired the people they needed, but it wasn’t enough. Hindsight 20/20 of course.


Yeah, I imagine had they focused on getting it out there in players hands instead of polishing and refining the project it might’ve been a different story. I’m sure concerns were raised by others on the team, but from the piece it sounded like the leads were very passionate and a little stubborn.


Yeah, that is how games do it now. PUBG released and it was buggy, but the large playerbase sustained that early development.


So… this is a thing?

it seems like an onion article, but apparently not.


OK I realize this isn’t cool but come on, this is kind of cool -


Prize machines are just giant loot boxes anyway, except your odds of getting anything good are lower.


Thats just how childrens are born these days, with a console in their hands. The machine was the mother.


Lovely, just lovely.


What else would a kid be good for? They’re so small.


“How else do you expect me to polish the inside of a 45 millimeter shell casing?”


Another week in “bu bu we only care about HISTORY its not like we just hate women” , kidding they just hate women.


Nobody should ever play Total War for authentic anything.


These shrinking violets should go back in history and register their complaints about women generals to Boudicca.

Go on, go do it you gossamer strength manhood, febrile fools. I’d say that if seeing strong women precludes your enjoyment may you never have children, but I dare say that this attitude likely makes this redundant. Go, and be this beacon of failed toxic manhood so others may be steered from this ruinous course.

I really despise these fools.



It also reinforces the increasingly accurate slur that core gamers have a large segment of grown men who behave like puerile little boys.

You dont see men who enjoy other popular hobbies like say fishing or gardening behaving like this. Its embarrassing more than anything.


Well… I’m not so sure about that. Some of them, like fishing and hunting, can be pretty damn exclusionary and hostile to women. Maybe not as vocally, or as widespread, but certainly present.

Also they don’t tend to have the type of active community boards you see in gaming, at least not to the same degree. Steam is a big centralized source, but look at some of the stuff on ESPN or major sports websites. You can see the same type of behavior there too.


TLDR - bad actor manipulates game mechanics (e.g. suiciding male generals to only keep the female generals around, mass hiring generals and only showing the female hires, or even might have modded the chances higher) to arrive at contrived example, manages to bait a bad community manager response whose words are then blown up (into the “CA doesn’t want you to play their games” line).

Companies have to get better at not getting baited into these exchanges. It’s not the first time this has happened…


It’s really hard to review bomb a body of water, that’s for sure.


Saw this Twitter thread today and it’s awfully relevant to the above:

(Many more in the thread)