Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


Yeah, pretty much. I think there’s an inherent bias that thinks the hackers are basically good and smart, just made a bad choice and can be rehabilitated. There’s no such bias in favor of the petty thief.


I think it’s a combination of things. Hacker kids are still seen as Mathew Broderick in WarGames. Generally nice boys that get too curious or passionate about their nerd hobby, and don’t really understand the consequences of their actions. Besides, they’re mostly hurting corporations that just absorb any damage. The fact that many of their crimes start from video gaming helps perpetuate the idea that they’re just harmless kids at heart.

It really doesn’t help that we have very high-profile kid hackers that went on to work for law enforcement and become white hats.


I get that, although with people hiding their trails, people telling them there will be consequences is… well these are kids in all scenarios. None of them fully understand there are consequences to their actions, but the way this article was written, it’s wholly sympathetic. It pushes that narrative that this is somehow a victim less crime and he really just got over his head, like everything happens to him not that he kept doing it. You’d think the writer was starstruck.


The parts that upsets me is that he screwed with Multiplayer. Anyone that does that is an asshole, no matter how smart or curious you are.


I am hearing from various friends there have been layoffs at Maxis yesterday. :(


Maxis is still around?


The Sims studio bit is or was.


Really sad to hear about Total Biscuit, really hope that Clinical trial works for him.

On another sad games journalism note:

Andrew Fitch from 1up/Geekbox/Retronauts passed away after a very short battle with Cancer (He was diagnosed late last year)

As a huge fan of the 1up show, and the whole 1up crew, really sad.

Seriously fuck cancer.


What’s really striking to me is just how freaking young Andrew Fitch and John Bain are / were. So incredibly sad.


“We had always braced for a slow start kind of a journey [but] we were at fractions of what people were estimating at the beginning,” CCP’s CEO Hilmar Veigar tells me, speaking at EVE Fanfest – the studio’s annual convention held in its hometown of Reykjavík, Iceland.

Citing a combination of a low install base of VR players, and low engagement from those that did own the hardware, Pétursson adds that the reception was “even below our lowest expectations.”


Color me shocked that a $60, multiplayer-focused VR title with middling reviews didn’t do well.


This has taken ages to get resolved, but finally

The amount is quite symbolic given Steam’s volume, but a reminder that businesses may be transnational, but customers/clients are not, and some are protected by decent laws.


Smallworld is quite a popular boardgame, and is a reimplementation of an early boardgame called Vinci (witch seems to share a lot of inspiration with the Civ series). Both feature the concept of a civilisation going into decay – infact it’s one of the central mechanics and, much like Formula 1’s n-stop strategies, there’s no definite answer to when each civ should cycle on to the next one.

I’m only bringing this up because I’ve never seen this mechanic in a computer game. I guess people don’t like the idea of throwing away something they just spent X hours on and overshadowing it with their next civilisation?

(ps sorry for the necro reply, but I was ignoring the thread back then as it was really dull and full of nazi stuff)


That was good necro @Pod :)

That’s an interesting idea, which I haven’t seen on a videogame… But totally reminds me of Vernon Vinge’s novel “A Deepness in the Sky” theme of the inevitable collapse and resurgence of human civilisations. They fall hard and deep, but when extinction is avoided, they jump higher each time
What you describe kind of sounds like a Civ game where you go through apocalypse, manage post apocalyptic barbarism to bring about eventual reconstruction… the game being preparing for the inevitable to bootstrap the Renaissance?

Thanks for the game recommendation too.


this reminds me of the simple ending to too many nukes fired in Command HQ:

Exit To DOS
print some latin phrase about the world (I don’t remember it)


I am certain to be the only one here that A) noticed this and B) is annoyed by it, but the last few days alone has seen half a dozen articles on IGN with crazy colored images for the story thumbnail. It’s starting to drive me fucking crazy. WHY!? Who is doing this, and is there any way to stop them?!

Always two or usually three people in the thumbnail, doesn’t matter if it’s about Westworld, 10-Rated IGN Games, or Marvel - it’s the same layout. Did they hire a new art guy and this is all he knows how to make?


Someone learned a new Photoshop technique?


LOL yeah, that’s exactly what it feels like!


Hey boss! I get how layers work now!


I think the fact that we’re in here talking about it means it’s working.