Games Journalism 2018: We're taking it back!


Yea, is too bad wikipedia is The One.

I guest is a effect of the One Of A Thing internet effect that have created Google, Amazon and many other services. I wish the internet worked with a rule of two, or tree. Not good for humanity that it seems to push a single website for one purpose over many.

I would not punish ourselves too much over it. Like theres something really bad in neerdoom or geekdoom. Is a internet thing. Facebook is not a nerds/geeks thing and is also member of the One Website club.

Nerds have created healty competitions like Gnome/KDE vi/Emacs, where the competition was friendly and even cooperative at times.


Maybe belongs here? Hope I dont get sued! :)


Wow. I don’t know who’s at fault at this. Sounds not like not copying is just an understanding, not a legal standing but their official response is not… good.


I don’t read French well, so I can’t compare the rulesbooks to see for myself how “close” the games are, but either way the publisher doesn’t come off well when it says rubbish like this:

Wonder Dice have also issued an extraordinary press release about the whole mess, in which they threaten legal action against anyone who has questioned their practices and has thus “participated [in] this lynching”, claiming that if the game does not meet its commercial goals “they will have to personally compensate” the publisher.


Yeah, their answer says everything anyone would need to know. I hope they get what they deserve.


Super Bunnyhop has a new video out detailing a cancelled Eidos Montreal title, Project W, which aimed to be the first Western developed Final Fantasy game but like Grin’s FFXII spin-off, it never saw the light of day.

A tale of over-promising an over-ambitious project that got shot down for only a few of the usual reasons.


Now it’s Polygon’s turn for a lengthy Panzer Dragoon Saga feature!


Sad news on John “TotalBiscuit” Bain. His liver is failing and all chemo has lost effectiveness. He’s retiring to spend his last days with family and friends.


That’s sad news.


Yeah, read that last night and it’s just crushing. I really loved TB’s WTF is videos for years, and of course his career in Pro Starcraft as a caster and team owner was a huge part of my 20s. Over and over again he demonstrated what a deeply good dude he was at his core, and I think gaming will be noticeably less without him.


Very sad, he was one of the first youtube reviewers I followed.

Godspeed sir, savor every moment.


Damn :(

He was one of the first youtubers I actually liked, his PC focus, port reports, reviews were all good. I wish he would pull through this somehow :(


Christ, and he’s only 33.


I knew he had health problems, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.

I thought he was older for some reason. He must have been really young when he started on WoW Radio.


Not exactly a perfect fit for this thread but it might have some interest to some if you played Dungeons and Dragons in the 80’s (BADD: Bothered Against Dungeons and Dragons is referenced) or find an odd curiosity in the moral panic of the 80s and fear of Satanism.


I think by alphabets they mean Runes, So Elmo is still pure.

The rest of you are damned.


I can’t think of a good place to ask this, but is today just a slow news day, or a European holiday? Eurogamer has exactly one minor news story today, no other features or news since the weekend.


British Bank Holiday, which shuts down lots of Europe by default. My gf’s company is split between EU/US/Asia, and the American team is super overwhelmed right now trying to hold down the fort :(


Shows they were much less connected to reality than the kids because they thought D&D players were having “sex parties”. Or sex at all, really.

They weren’t invited to non-sex/drug parties.


Use of Alphabets can indeed be a problem.

Also, what would Machioistic Violence be? I guess they mean watching 1984’s The Karate Kid (the one with Ralph Macchio) or something?

Sidenote: I witnessed those things first-hand, from the inside, so to speak. They still exist to this day in some ways in some groups. Also, first-hand knowledge. It’s sad. :(