Games journalism 2019 - Everything is streaming


The man behind the hottest new Twitter account talks about why people want to pet the dog.


Yeah, that’s a bargain compared to a traditional ad campaign. All the paid streamers that first day were upfront about being sponsored by EA.



to fit the theme, everything is indeed streaming


Oh nice, I just read the guys 8chan thread. I wonder if THQ Nordic regret doing that AMA now?


Jesus the world is a nightmare.


Fuck this is horrible.


New Zealand? What the fuck. That’s the last country I would expect something like this. Horrific.


For playing the game as delivered to the players.


I’m not super invested in this, so good, yeah.




It’s really about ethics in game distribution.




But then we’d have only the Epic games store. Which looks at that thread

Know what? I’m fine with board games being 100% of my gaming budget instead of their current 95%.


We will always have Uplay.


I mean, ain’t one of re prevailing concerns that we won’t?



Is disgusting how violent people take over movements.

you have to be really clear against them, because racist are very stupid and otherwise will not understand it if you are subtle.


It’s interesting to be thinking these sort of meta-genre thoughts as I’m playing Apex Legends , and that’s because it knows that your attention will wane. Something newer and stronger and better focused onto the Skinner box ratbrains we all have will come along, and our eyes will slowly drift (along with our friends) to the next thing that appears. And I think Legends knows this, which is why it is built with your attention in mind.

The design of these levels and the way your accomplishments are echoed back to you are not just good design. It’s watching developers play a metagame, the battle royale of battle royales that determines who is the winner this week when it comes to player retention and monetization.


such a nice phrase to explain why I never had any interest and will never have any interest in these games, battle royales and looter shooters and what not