Games journalism 2019 - Everything is streaming


Yup, that’s about accurate.


The Verge claims that this actually builds on an older meme, but the recent explosion has made the past hard to track.

The phrase, part of an already-infamous copypasta, was said with seemingly earnest seriousness by a Twitter user late last week, in response to a PC Gamer article by journalist James Davenport detailing how he used a modto cheat his way through the game’s punishing final boss.


Credit to the guy who came up with the wording. Yep, it sounds… well, funny/silly enough, taken as a god sent judgement (which’s not too far from the intent I guess)… but he has thing for solemn wording.

BTW It’s an interesting debate. I’d like to add that playing is such a joyful gift not least thanks to the rules. Is someone still playing when he cheats? Well, maybe if she/he came up with her/his own rules. That I understand. But without rules…


According to the guy who posted it originally it was part serious, part played up on purpose for the lolz.


Speaking of streaming…

“Suck a dick, dude. Literally, the fattest one you can find.” Blevins then mimics fellatio on a huge imaginary penis. “I want you to literally just … shove the whole thing in your mouth,” he says.

Ninja’s fans loved it and have said it’s a return to “good old” Ninja.


Anyone else think of this after the Sekiro? :)

"I cheated myself like I knew I would "


I was wondering the same thing…


Kieron left, then Jim left (I may have the order wrong), then Quinns left. Also various others who joined or contributed later and were also great, like Pip and Cara and Graham. It’s gone from being a blog with a (several, really) very distinctive voices to being a generalist site with less and less of a voice. It still does occasionally have good features though.


Somewhere in the later part of that the site was also sold to the same group that owns Eurogamer. I suspect Alec and John are leaving because their “mandatory contractually obligated stick-around time” has been served.


True, and that does seem to have led to the move toward generalism (do we really need another site doing game guides?). But the spark had gone from the site long before then. To be honest, I lost 80% of my interest when Kieron and Jim left.


Completely agreed, just thought the sale thing was kind of the final nail in the coffin.


That makes sense. I assumed something like it being sold had to have happened for all the founders to leave. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped visiting it regularly, but it must have been a while ago since all the writers I remember are the ones mentioned above who are now gone from the masthead. I’m pretty sure I stuck around at least until after Jim and Quinns left. I definitely remember reading and liking Pip’s stuff. I’m sure I’m exposed to fewer weird indie games now than when I was reading RPS. I’m still grateful to them for introducing me to L’Abbaye des Morts and thecatamites’ stuff.

Ah, blog nostalgia. Where’s the music journalism thread so I can bemoan the decade-old loss of Stylus?


Yeah, the original crew introduced me to AI War: Fleet Command which still stands as my favorite strategy game of all time (600+ hours played). It’s a huge loss, really.

Personally, I didn’t get around to deleting my bookmarks until the (quite recent) advent of their “no adblockers” policy, though I certainly read less and less often before that.


I had no idea that it was the person I now think of as “the Shut Up and Sit Down guy” who had introduced me to SpaceChem. I owe him a great debt.


Yes, I found that really annoying and just stopped going to the site since that is what they bluntly asked of their audience.


All I remember is that they went on some sort of crusade a few years back and I stopped visiting them.


Sometimes reading the game news is like reading the stock market. GTA Roleplayers are up, Apex is down.


Did you see the accidental punching article at PC Gamer? That was great.


I’m a little behind in this thread. Thanks for linking this. This is a great story. Has anyone purchased the whole book? This is an excerpt from it. Is the whole book full of interesting stories like this?


Kotaku UK publishes an article claiming a song in the Persona DLC for Smash has a slur in it, internet points out that isn’t the lyric and the song’s been out since Persona 5’s release, writer digs in, internet goes toxic.

Writer ends up taking a hiatus from Twitter, Kotaku finally does research and contacts Nintendo and Deep Silver who confirm that isn’t the lyric. Publishes an apology article after the fact, and doesn’t update or link it to the original article.

Another fine day in games journalism!