Games journalism 2019 - Everything is streaming


Yeah, art people are awake one hour more than we are. Hey, dudes and dudettes, it’s not a race!


social networks are the “angelfire” “geocities” of our times.


Geocities at least had useful information. Curated, at that, since that’s all the rage. :P


I think “TTFN” is fine


When you go after Nintendo, you best not miss.


I don’t think I’d launch a generalist gaming website in 2019 (or even a couple years ago), even if I had a lot of money to throw at it. The window’s long gone - the newer generations of gamers are largely getting their content form YT, and the older / ‘OG’ readers are entrenching around the pre-existing websites that they know and love already. Or giving up with games media entirely.

There’s no need for yet another website telling you the same thing everyone else is, and I don’t personally believe in the power of ‘interesting features’ as a tool to build an audience. It’s great for the existing audience, but you’ve got to get there first.

I didn’t even want to launch one of the niche websites I currently run, but that was mainly because I didn’t know what was doing at the time - two years in, I’d say niche is the only way to go if you want to start something new. That and Google - Google is a magical place and the future of text-based niche games content.


Looking good game industry!


I have a big backlog, I would be perfectly fine if most games need 6-10 months to release more on average…

Of course this is less about me, and more about profits and shareholders.


Welp, I thought AAA games had lots of crunch but at least a good salary, it seems that isn’t the case for the hundred of contractors they use. I guessed at least they would make more than the minimum wage, but nope.

Our sources confirmed they worked for $12 an hour while working contract at NetherRealm. For context, the minimum wage in Chicago is currently $12 an hour, but only after a minimum wage hike that took effect on July 2018. Multiple sources also told USG that NetherRealm would offer $11 per hour wages for the art team.

“I can share that everything Beck Hallstedt has said is absolutely true,” said another anonymous source who contracted at NetherRealm. “[Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm Studios,] kind of brags, ‘I don’t ever fire my full-time employees.’” But two sources feel the statement is hypocritical.


Not to bypass the content of the article here, but why do these hitpieces (for lack of a better term) always land right right around the game launch? Happened with Red Dead Redemption 2, Anthem and now Mortal Kombat 11. The outrage industry seems a little too well-calibrated for my tastes.


Because people and sources are more likely to talk and read about a company when they’re part of the current news cycle.


Also, people are getting laid off around that time and don’t have to worry about losing their job anymore.


Hitpieces? Outrage industry?

Yeah, minimum wage for contract work on a AAA video game is the priority.


Seems crass, in that public beheading sort of way. They smelled blood in the water and they swam for it. I don’t remember the same sort of condemnation aimed at, say, Hello Games around No Man’s Sky’s crunch.


This particularly is a tough one. These are entry level employees being paid entry level wages. Nobody ever said you make tons of money in your first year out of college making games.

I’m not sure I can really get super outraged about a bunch of 21 year olds being asked to work really hard for little money. Isn’t that the case in every industry?


This just in, businesses are obtaining work for wages that people are willing to accept! We’re blowing the lid off of this so-called “contracting for work” scandal! Film at 11.


People work for horrible wages in a lot of industries. I don’t think that’s news.

I believe this is news to a lot of folks because “minimum wage” is not what they think of when you say “AAA video game developer.”


It is indeed a tough one. I don’t think it’s as clear-cut an issue as the article makes it seem. Entry-level jobs can suck. I remember my first couple years in investment banking. You were basically working every second of every day. There were articles about it back then, too. We figured it out once and we were working for way less than “minimum wage” at the time. “Minimum wage” sure wasn’t what people thought of when we said “Mergers & acquisitions investment banker!”

I’m not quite sure why the video game labor issue is such an “issue” relative to other industries, but it might have to do with the fact that people get a lot of enjoyment out of the games and then feel bad for the employees. Which is understandable.


Yeah, fair enough. Lots of people imagine a game studio is like MAD Magazine’s imaginary office. But even those teams need people to file stuff, organize spreadsheets, manage schedules, and do basic entry level work.

It might be surprising to people who haven’t ever really thought about it, but I’m not seeing a scandal here.


American work culture is the god damned worst.