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So was it later casting that was messed up somehow? Did the VAs want more payments between the initial one and the one scheduled upon completion of the game? Did some not get the initial payment? What are the VAs upset about?

So the VAs decided that their initial agreement wasn’t to their liking and an adjustment to some sort of periodic payment still wasn’t? Did Panthea somehow mislead the VAs? Because based on the post from Pathea it sounds like the VAs are breaking their agreement, but then Pathea is acting like they somehow messed up too. I don’t get it.


Yeah, my strong impression from the whole story is “Pathea seems super confused and has no business being in charge of anyone’s income.”


Well it’s not the clearest posting of what they did but I get the impression that not only did they not pay someone they actually went back to them and asked for even more unpaid work.

Ontop of that, was the initial pay that lingered as an intent to be a part of the full pay. This led some actors to submit a few lines, not meet the “credit”, and then in turn, we asked them for more lines without them having recieved any pay.

I mean something went wrong here… I don’t think it’s all on the VAs, but I am also not sure it was intentional to be malicious either.


This is the studio that abandoned their previous game, Planet Explorers, once sales topped out.


I remember following that game for awhile and at release it didn’t sound good. I guess I didn’t realize it was the same group.


Ya, I don’t think Pathea would be trying to ‘fix’ whatever if it was just some of the VAs trying to back out. But at least some of their ‘fix’ is adjusting their agreed upon pay schedule (based on the post) while at the same time mentioning ‘credit’ for work that was done but not paid for by Pathea. If they run the company with as much clarity as their post I can see why there are problems.


I get the impression a lot of these voice actors were not experienced professionals to begin with, so they probably didn’t fully understand what they were agreeing to.


Takes two to be amateurish. But still, wow. “weird” is a mild way to put it!


Now see, that’s important and useful information. I really hate devs that do that. Portia off the wishlist.


Not sure its correct information though. I followed Planet Explorers for a long time until its release. It had all the features they promised as I recall. It simply wasn’t a very good game.


Well that used to be the standard, but in the age of Early Access, give us money now for features later and Portia itself sounds like a “had to release” now or else… kind of hard to give them a benefit of the doubt with a game like that right behind it. It’s not like Planet Explorers is even that old.


Reviews seem to indicate it’s full of crippling bugs and there’s a complete absence of post-release support from what I can tell. Grounds for caution, certainly.


I couldn’t find a general BioWare thread or a KOTOR thread that wasn’t ten years old, so I’ll just leave this here:


Man, it sure would be good to finally get a third KOTOR game, or literally any KOTOR content at all after KOTOR 2. I sure wish anyone had ever developed a KOTOR game after 2.

(TOR is the Matrix Sequels for me)


Seeing all these articles go around is weird. They literally all stem from a single tweet by Jason Schreier last week:

Jason followed up on it today:


Journalism is confusing.


These aren’t journalists; a good junk of them are streamers.


I would imagine the folks at Games Radar could legitimately call themselves journalists, for whatever that’s worth.


YongYea is part of Games Radar? I thought he was his own thing, one of those critical let me explain the gaming industry while being a sort of consumer advocate, sort of, and also explaining everything about it to those who listens type.


dive is referring to the games radar story he linked, not the YongYea tweet.