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That’s nothing new. Science teachers have had to deal with religious kids since the beginning, when God created the heaven and the Earth. Schools should be prepared to handle this problem by now.

The article goes into a lot more, but the feeling is that this is different because unlike previous indoctrination waves, GG started very young for some kids, and is constantly reinforceable thanks to social media ubiquity. A religious objection in the old days was teachable because in most cases a kid in college was breaking away from parents and the community they grew up in. You had a chance of educating against it. With kids that grow up on a steady diet of Gamergate, anything you teach is instantly torn down by a million YT videos or Twitter telling them otherwise. Weaponized online harassment featuring heavily in that.

None of that is unique to GG. It’s just the dividing point between before and now.

Yet there is no protection for kids against religion, which some would consider more harmful than “lulz” and trolling.

Well, I mean not until I’m elected God-Emperor.

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So used to slack.

It’s more of an anti-indoctrination wave. Kids will always rebel against the status quo - it’s part of the “leave the nest” instinct humans have to ensure the expansion of the species. Criticize the establishment views, even if we think the contrary is abhorrent. It’s impossible to muzzle that.

It’s pretty disappointing that, in today’s world, giving your child a religious education is considered by some more harmful than letting them trawl the kind of places where gamersgate trolls proliferate.

There is really no comparison between the 2. One of the 2 is unlikely to form considerate and caring children. But militant atheists will militant atheist, I guess.

Well some still think the earth is still flat. That doesn’t make it anymore true than it was before. They’re not related. Religions are just as likely to be used as tools by the militants as anything else; it doesn’t make them the cause for it.

It’s strangely reassuring. I can be appalled by the sociopolitical landscape around me and know that the next generation has it covered. Then the generation after that will take care of business.

I’m a hopeless optimist!

Yes. Some parents take things too far, be it with religion, anti vaxxer or flat earth belief, other family values or simply letting their kids hang out in any cesspit of their choosing without guidance. None are very good parenting, IMO.

A child needs values, context and then some freedom to learn from those, make mistakes and have a place they can go for advice afterwards.

That kind of throwaway comment just makes me sad. I’m not talking about any kind of extreme religious education. But to say that’s worse than trolling or the lulz doesn’t sit well with me. I know what values and moral basis I prefer my kids to have.

Don’t be sad. This is just an example of the “leave the nest instinct” at work in their lizard brains! Hey, their kids might end up thinking the opposite.

Without naming, there’s no lack of places where some types of religious education is very much more dangerous for the children, even in the west (few and far between, I hope). Even if the pope disagrees.
But, generally, it’s unfortunately hard to separate religious thought and discrimination, even if there’s no lack of pretty great people who are also faithful. The more decent Catholics I know (because Iberia) always have issues with official doctrine, most vocal ones tend to just be religious only when they want to justify some action or view, but fuck even going to mass once in a while.

It’s interesting to me that games journalism has, or should have, an educator audience for this reason. There was some defunct publication (podcast?) I heard of recently that was games news, but entirely presented to non-gamer parents and authority figures. That seems more necessary now, not less.

As religious zealot will religious zealot?

Agree to disagree on which has the higher bodycount and net-sum total harm done.

Teaching students more about disinformation campaigns propagated through media and whatnot would be grand, without its apprent(?) targeting of just “things we do not like that are somewhat related to games”. Current example could perchance be Chinas use of the internet to portray the HK demonstrations as more violent than they are to validate an intervention, or an earlier one could’ve been the disinformation campaign run by the US to shore up support for the Iraq crusade. Both of which one could argue were and are more harmful than the effect of every gaming-related youtube disinformation video put together.

If you count Communists as militant atheists (which they claim to be, can’t have any competitors for the State), I suspect they have a damn near insurmountable lead in body count.

Religion is just a tool for the message for some. It is a complete mistake to think that if your removed the concept or the belief in religions that somehow mankind would just get along. The people that want power, that want control, the demand to subject others to their will, they don’t just go away. They’d use something else.

Another thing that might make this harder is that the most powerful man in the free world actively engages with conspiracy theories, misinformation, and a degree of anti-intellectualism.

It’s not just dudes with 3 AM radio slots now.

Not sure there’s a case to be made lately for pro-intellectualism. :)

I’ll let you know if I meet any intellectuals.

Be careful they aren’t the intelligentsia … nobody likes those guys.