Games journalism 2019 - Everything is streaming

lol you REALLY want to read the thread. Just a helpful hint.

I like Stephen and respect him. But considering this is still a story on Kotaku with images Kotaku made, stored on their servers I rather think his holier than thou attitude to fictional sex is on shaky ground.

If I understand correctly, they hired Kate Grey to talk about sex and video games - that’s what her articles are going to be about. To me the issue is offensive port right on a gaming web site, NSFW tags or no, you don’t expect (or shouldn’t) to hit a Kotaku link and see cartoon porn any more than you’d expect to see it clicking on an RPS or IGN link. If articles like what Kate Grey are doing is what Kotaku wants to use to drive clicks, I’m not really a Kotaku guy, I suppose. Maybe because I’m an adult.

I think I misread your post so I edited my babbling response. Sorry bout that! :)

It’s not like this is a bad idea on its face. RPS had a good series a while back that did the same thing:

I guess Kate Gray is no Cara Ellison, but probably few people are.

No worries, I didn’t see your original post. :)

The medium really isn’t mature enough for that kind of dedication. We just don’t have enough good games with adult material or adult games that are really up there with the other good games so we wind up with… these stupid articles from them.

I agree completely - I think the entire thing is a little bit juvenile, tbh. And I have a feeling if it wasn’t a woman writing these types of articles it would be considered even more gross, or maybe that’s just how I’d feel about it.

This is probably true.

I find the approach juvenile because I think a lot of the games they play are not that deep. I mean the anime games are what they are. The Sims, Rimworlds, a fair amount of those games are kind of what you make them, with or without mods.

I look forward to the day there is enough adult content in gaming that covers a huge range of genres and approaches, but today… I don’t see how anyone could right in that narrow sphere and not have to come up with stupid articles like semen cafes. It seems like a better approach would’ve been tackling the appeal of adult mods in an industry that is largely lacking in quality adult games. Course once you write something like that, what else is someone going to write about for the next eleven months?

Wade Callender’s lawsuit against Randy Pitchford is over.

A video (doc?) of the first video game ever, 1 hour of duration.

As soon as I saw the title I knew it would be an Ahoy video, haha. I look forwards to watching it.

Awesome article on Wired about the making of a really bad, but interesting, 90’s FMV game.

(Indie) Video game development: not even once

Full of stories of the type ‘I kind of stay afloat thanks a government fund + living in a room in a cheap shared flat’…

Every struggling artist ever.

Least surprising news ever. Gamedev has become the new garage banding, as was obvious would happen with proliferance of tools and easy access to digital distro.

Yeah, I actually use the same example sometimes in RL conversations. Making a game with a few people and having a ‘hit’ is more or less like forming a rock band with friends and turning into rockstars. It’s… possible, there are rockstars out there so it has to happen to some, right? but chances are, you won’t be that guy.

But at least if you form a band you might actually improve your chances of getting laid.

Well, at least the drummers get all the chicks!

My favorite reddit post title is “I spent 6 years on my game and it’s finally done!”

Okay, that’s great, I’m proud of you. What is this game exactly? Maybe start with that.