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If one person does it, it’s not really a choice anymore for everyone else.


Sure it is, if it’s their choice and they were fairly compensated. Neither of which I’m assuming, but I’m also not assuming the opposite. Pulling an allnighter isn’t the end of the world.


I wonder why he up and quit without lining anything else up first.


We’ve, not you and I but Qt3, had this discussion in another topic. This is not how it works. It’s like that Starbreeze guy bragging about having a bed in the office and assuming everyone else is “passionate” enough to want to do the same thing. He’d say they have a choice… that’s not true.

This faux choice crap is part of the reasoning why gaming working conditions are in the state they are.


Yeah I dunno. Seems odd, but I also respect the fact creative folks after being at a place for so many years can just decide they need an immediate change. if he is comfortable enough financially to do it then more power to him.


And if that industry doesn’t care about that it helps too. There’s a lot of fear and bias around employment gaps.


Very good point.


To get coverage of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for Crispy Gamer, I waited in line outside a Gamestop for the midnight opening, went home and played through the entirety of the Death Knight opening and then wrote about it so it could be put up on the day of release.

I got paid for it, but nothing extra.

Hunh… found it… and it says November 20, but the expansion shipped on the 13th. I vaguely remember them waiting to post it now or that I had to go back and write up the parts that surround the first person perspective of Braxorigan. Anyway, it was fun to write that one, but staying up all night sucked even though the expansion was great.


Looks like he got two months notice, or it was mutually agreed upon after they couldn’t otherwise agree on ongoing terms.


One person who was laid off from GOG last week offered a different perspective, saying that laid-off staff were told that this was a move made by a company in dire straits. That person estimated that the layoffs had hit 10% of GOG’s staff.

“We were told it’s a financial decision,” that person told me in an online message. “GOG’s revenue couldn’t keep up with growth, the fact that we’re dangerously close to being in the red has come up in the past few months, and the market’s move towards higher [developer] revenue shares has, or will, affect the bottom line as well. I mean, it’s just an odd situation, like things got really desperate really fast. I know that February was a really bad month, but January on the other hand was excellent. We were in the middle of a general restructuring, moving some teams around, not unprecedented. But layoffs that big have never happened before.”


Most people don’t care that much by DRM, I guess…

I think their problem was they never added any value to the consumer beyond that. Hell, it wasn’t really that exclusive to them, lots of games in Steam don’t have any DRM.


We don’t really know that. Their library is dwarfed by Steam, and most the time see deals from them it’s on old games. You could just as easily say no one cares about old games and it would no more true or false than the other statement.


Yeah, that’s true. Although I think they stopped focusing on old games a good time ago. At least since two years they have been released modern indie games.


They have more new games than before but, for example, GOG is having a Lantern Festival Sale right now. I suspect my email is maybe catered, not sure.Fallout New Vegas is their biggest icon, that game is what, almost 10 years old? About 9 of the games further down their big block list, I already own. Around 6 I rejected as not interested when they came out the first time, and then kind towards the bottom they have some indies, Overcooked, not even Overcook 2… not sure if they even sell Overcooked 2 because that one is online MP and I think it uses Steamworks.

It’s hard to shop GOG on some level, but for the games that give me DRM pause… they don’t even have them. Like I would choose DRM free but, umm, those modern games with DRM aren’t even available on GOG.

It really does suck if devs/pubs are asking for a bigger cut for GOG and bringing them down as a result. They didn’t actually say that but it’s hinted at.


Oh no!

GOG is the store we need most right now.


The problem is, after their initial burst from the “we have old games!” and “no DRM!” they’ve done nothing of customer value except implement equal or lesser versions of Steam features for years, while frequently ignoring potential developers until after they had already become successful (i.e. majority of sales elsewhere, probably Steam)

It’s not a recipe for long term success. It hasn’t felt like they have had a real plan for the platform’s growth in a long time.


Lol, of course, game developers choose the DRM, not the company of the game store. They aren’t going to make a new version without Denuvo just for GOG, if they wanted to have a DRM-free version, they wouldn’t have contracted Denuvo in the first place.

And Mysterial goes to where I wanted to go. They first attracted consumers with the old games nostalgia, after that playing the niche of ‘no DRM in our store, ever!’ and… yeah, that’s it. They didn’t get to compete with the features of Steam (nor they will be able to, if they are firing a dozen people, instead of hiring more), nor with the exclusives of other stores.


I don’t understand why you’re loling that. You think gamers don’t really care about DRM thus GOG is failing. I point out, they sell a lot of old games, a few high profile games, very few, and indies. The indies largely don’t have DRM which leaves the very few modern… and it’s these titles you focused on, not me. You’re the one that said they shifted focus to modern games, not me, so what the handful of modern titles without DRM can’t keep them afloat… how does that prove gamers don’t care about DRM?


And none of the issues is on the game page, including missing features and patches. It doesn’t help that I must click every title to see the store credit due to currency differences. As much as I like their (stated) values (worker issues non-withstanding), it’s a pretty inconvenient store.


GOG has replied that it already hired twice as much people after the layoffs and still has 20 open jobs they intend to fill, but PC Gamer and Kotaku chose to focus on one disgruntled person that was in the layoffs for information. Hmmmm.

Also, CD Projekt always releases their numbers (financial and otherwise) on March of every year. We should know in about one month what’s the truth about their financial situation.