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Anyway, there’s only so many “old” games left since Steam is now 15 years old.

There’s only so much their business model can do.


That does not add up to me. If GoG was hiring and had open positions why would it conduct layoffs? Why would it not attempt to re-purpose personnel?

Is it possible that these are just the misleading ravings of a disgruntled employee? Sure. Is it possible that the affected personnel did not have the skill set to move to a different area? That is also a possibility. But GoG could have easily addressed either of those in their public statement and they did not do so. That suggests to me that perhaps there is something of substance to the ex-employee’s statements.

In the interest of full disclosure I do not really care if GoG goes under or has financial issues. They refused to refund a game with a technical issue years ago in direct contradiction to their own published policies. I have not considered purchasing from them ever since as I do not purchase from penny-wise but pound-foolish liars (never mind their subsequent issues on social media).


Weird, if true! I assume the (current) UK laws regarding redundancies is the same as the EU ones, and therefore they can’t mass-fire a bunch of people and then immediately try and hire more people for the same role. They either need to re-train the other ones or hire for new things.

someone with law-smarts like @Ginger_Yellow will know more .


They’re a storefront. Maybe they are focusing on better game/deal acquisitions and need more sales types. But their storefront is heavy in personnel and they don’t need so many. Two totally different skill sets that probably would have few folk who could move from one to the other easily.

How many employees are needed to run just an online store? Gog doesn’t produce anything other than the sales gimmick games things they sometimes have on their site. I would hope they’re heavy on lawyery dealy salesy types who get and keep good deals for the store. Not a house full of techies to run the site. But then I could be wrong about the personnel needed to run front and backend of a site like that.

Just pulling stuff out of my rear here, btw.

Edit: totally forgot about the fact they have to put in some effort to get games working on modern systems. Which requires techies. But then as they’ve moved away from this side of sales to more recent stuff that doesn’t require this work I could still see where there tech side could take a hit while the admin side could need a boost.


There’s plenty of games left that have yet to be converted to the GOG-way!

They used to be “involved” in the conversion of old games so that they run on new systems. I don’t know if that was their own employees or contractors.


In never heard of that, not sure if it’s the same in EU. Even if it is, I’m not sure if firing 12 people count as ‘mass fire’. Maybe the law is for bigger companies who fire hundreds?


That says a minimum of 10 people and links to the original EU law which I’m definitely not going to read.

And the official website of the EU:


Maybe the employees were difficult. Maybe they were in positions that are no longer needed, without relevant experience that might put them in other places. There are rumors that most of them were in social media/community relations, so it makes sense they’d not go to other areas. Most of the openings are technical in nature. So there’s a lot about it that makes sense.

Now, a good journalist would go after those things I just mentioned instead of heightening the discourse of a single disgruntled employee. But disgrunted employees and tales of doom and gloom get clicks. So there’s that. So much for game “journalism”. Not that regular media is much better nowadays, mind you.

They don’t have to. We don’t have any special right to know and they don’t have any special duty to disclose. They might (and probably will) disclose everything when they report to their shareholders next month, and then we’ll know how it is. That’s all.

Now I’m left to wonder if PC Gamer and Kotaku will post anything about CD Projekt’s numbers next month. I’m betting they won’t, unless there’s something that might feed doom and gloom rumors just for those delicious clicks.


No need to wait, they post any numbers relevant to this discussion every quarter.


In Poland, I would not assume that.


And yet none of the “articles” mentions any of those numbers. It’s almost like facts don’t matter!


More bad news from GOG.

We came up with Fair Price Package (FPP) as a way to make up the price difference between various countries. Some games on GOG.COM have regional pricing, meaning the price of the same game in one place can be higher compared to its price in North America. In countries where the game is more expensive, we give users the equivalent of the price difference in GOG Wallet funds. In actual numbers, on average, we give users back 12% of the game price from our own pocket. In some cases, this number can reach as high as 37%.

In the past, we were able to cover these extra costs from our cut and still turn a small profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. With an increasing share paid to developers, our cut gets smaller. However, we look at it, at the end of the day we are a store and need to make sure we sell games without a loss.


The real big news (hiding there) is “increasing share paid to developers”. It seems Epic is doing more pressure behind the curtains than what we see.


All I really want to know is, do I need to start making local backups of the installers for all my GOG games?

I still haven’t quite forgiven them for that time they pretended to shut down their site completely. For a joke.


Steam also changed their revenue model. Unsure if it was because Epic, or because the situation in general (Origin/Uplay getting more share…)


Yeah, I still have emotional scars from that.


I don’t think I would be worried about GOG in the immediate short term, but I have now made a mental note to download all of my GOG games to my hard drive, which I have an online backup for. Just to be safe.


THQ Nordic is doing an AMA on 8chan - the site delisted by google for having too much child pornography discussion. What the fuck?


8chan is like the cusp of the darkweb.




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Oh, they also say they don’t know why. I guess any tactic is valid in marketing, everything to get your name on the news…