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Yes, now everyone will know the name THQ NOrdic, and it will be synonymous with “child predators play games, too! (Thanks, Mark)”


Well they got get those feet in the door to that store they now love.




At least someone in THQ knew about 8chan to propose internally to make an AMA there.


I mean if you are in the gaming sphere, and are completely unaware of what *chans are about? That’s probably for the best since they are garbage pits with garbage people. But you also shouldn’t agree to do AMAs or be part of marketing the game if you remotely think this is a good idea.


Great timing by WaPo.

Toxic behavior in competitive activities is not a new development, nor is it exclusive to video gaming, as social media users can attest. But its persistence amid a rapidly rising medium — both in terms of users and revenue — spotlights the question of why undesirable or, in some cases, criminal interactions have been so difficult for the video-game industry or law enforcement to eliminate. Now, with technological advances in online multiplayer games and video gaming’s increased prevalence worldwide, a growing percentage of the population is becoming unwittingly exposed to a slew of abusive acts that are only becoming more visible.


The gaming industry showing our best.

THQ has canceled the AMA, and this thread is flooded with people trying to defend pedophilia, so we’re going to lock it. Sorry to anyone having an actual discussion in here


45 minutes into the AMA itself, and in addition to various questions and requests for a new Destroy All Humans, the discussion is full of suggestive and outright pornographic images, references to Hitler, Nazis, and GamerGate, slurs, and other similar content.

When pressed further on if there was a reason why he kept the AMA going after the criticisms began pouring in, Brock replied, “Yes. I was fucking overwhelmed with a plethora of different emotions to be honest.”

“I am not a white supremacist, nor into child pornography, nor do I think this AMA was smart in hindsight and if I could, I would undo,” he concluded.

When keeping it real goes wrong.



That really is just shaking head territory.


Not sure why they didn’t listen to the warnings…


The only good thing on 8chan is leftypol but i dont visit it because its on 8chan


Perhaps they did not know any better. I have never heard of 8chan until this very thread.


I think they were warned after they announced it. If people start telling you you are about to enter child porn territory, it seems like a small ask that they maybe Google it for a second and find out that this isn’t some PC outrage just out to divide you from customers… it actually is child porn.


I wouldn’t even do a business official AMA on 4chan. Even if I’d never heard of 8chan specifically, I know enough about 4chan to stay away.


I mean, obviously. It’s feasible that some fresh faced marketing grad who isn’t plugged into the broader gaming culture may not have been aware of these dumpsters.

But it takes an implausibly willful ignorance to not recognize these for what they are before agreeing to the AMA.

Idiots. Write them off I say.



Nice article.


Yeah I’ve been appreciating Gita’s writing and contributions.


Well played. Let me make that more on the nose for those not familiar.