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Yet another reminder to reduce my Internet usage.


Nonsense, a wizard is a really old man that smokes weed and saves lives… or i guess this other weirdo thing.


I am really glad that I am reading this thread not


And not… what? Drinking bleach to forget this memory?


yeah, that :)



I did not know this term, but I love it.


Evil Wizard?


It adds a new (and wholly appropriate) layer to this, which was already amazing:


Wow, at my age, still learning something new everyday…


Its actually an ancient Japanese proverb


Aren’t they always?


Well now I have an explanation of how Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White.




I didn’t know where to put this, but congrats @Rod_Humble for your new position at Paradox! Looking forward to see what projects you’re coming out with!


Probably better in the business of making games thread.

Congrats Mr. @Rod_Humble. I hope the new studio enjoys great success. Now we know why you were looking for feedback on character advancements.


Does that mean we can now tag @Rod_Humble directly when we need Crusader Kings 2 tips?


It was just the other day I found out who he was, this forum is really something special.
Congratulations, Rod, I promise not to annoy you with questions you can’t answer.


I always assumed Rod Humble was a gaming nickname, it just has that feel to it. Now I know!