Games journalism 2019 - Everything is streaming


Well, this sucks. Maybe they should have focused on more of the single player content so many gamers* wanted and less on out sourcing a mobile game?

*Well, me, at least.


More like Blizzard did not had anything really genre-breaking to show lately.

Overwatch was really the last thing they did that broke the laws of physics and since then… nothing.

…nothing in Blizzard terms means they have released a lot of cool stuff for their fans, but nothing for people outside of that (garganteous) fanbase.

I am not saying that they should have made a Battle Royale, but Epic had to move their money in giant trucks every day, so maybe I should mention it.

this is a gamer opinion, so maybe is naive has hell


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Blizzard does nothing quickly. Epic had the game engine all ready, and were adaptable enough to be the first guys to rip off the innovator. Which is usually more lucrative than being the innovator.

But now that I think about it, I’ve always figured that the marriage of the “quick and dirty buck” corporation and the “slowly made but polished masterwork” corporation would not end well.




Maybe Epic can pay him $1,000,000 to buy games on the Epic Megastore.


Meanwhile Bioware banned 2 top streamers. xGladd and StreamHouse.


for exploiting.


The man behind the hottest new Twitter account talks about why people want to pet the dog.


Yeah, that’s a bargain compared to a traditional ad campaign. All the paid streamers that first day were upfront about being sponsored by EA.



to fit the theme, everything is indeed streaming


Oh nice, I just read the guys 8chan thread. I wonder if THQ Nordic regret doing that AMA now?


Jesus the world is a nightmare.


Fuck this is horrible.


New Zealand? What the fuck. That’s the last country I would expect something like this. Horrific.


For playing the game as delivered to the players.


I’m not super invested in this, so good, yeah.





It’s really about ethics in game distribution.