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Who was that? Are there any articles where he attacked the victims, or some such?


Alexander Marcais, and I don’t feel like digging back through their archives. Not even sure those articles would still be there, TBH.

But it’s why I stopped visiting, and it also is the reason the creators that I was there for stopped writing/ producing for them.


Hah, I googled Alexander Marcais Escapist and the first - and only - link showed by google that seems relevant is your post from 2015.



Well that was the height of that shit storm, so that’s about right.



The Escapist used to be great. I really enjoyed what was posted there and then it, did what it did. With that guy in charge, looks like it will just nose dive and wallow in the mud again.


disrespectful to the authors and subjects of the content hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Well it’s peak was with him at the helm, so there is that.


What the fuck is Russ thinking?


That sums up his career


What I take from that is some guy who doesn’t want to actually help but wants points for Twitter dunks. Couldn’t he just… DM or email Russ about whatever articles are offending? If he’s got an idea on how to proceed why did he completely ignore a direct question asking for that exact advice?


The next time someone asks if we should talk about games journalism, we should all scream “NO!”



Where does a GamerGater get water?

From a Well, Actually


If any outlet’s equipped to deftly handle the Riot Games story with the sensitivity it deserves, it would have to be The Escapist.


“This is real. This is Recon.”

Fuck me. Come ON Escapist, just get better. Please.


I didn’t know Victor Lucas was still actively doing gaming interviews.


I vaguely know what GG is about. I’m happy I was able to evade the topic.


I chuckled. Thanks for that. ;)