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This is a different kind of games journalism to recent posts. A story about a homebound disabled gamer who died. And only then did his parents realise what kind of connections he had been able to make all over the world while stuck at home in a wheelchair.

I found it a very touching read.


Eh me too. Here’s my understanding:

Woman was accused of trading sex with journalists to promote her “non-game game.” 4chan got upset that the sanctity of games journalism could be corrupted by people with vaginas and they put a target on the woman’s head and harrassed her in every way you’d expect them to. It was ridiculous.

Then people’s true colors were shown when it came time to address the situation, assign blame, and figure out what the actual narrative of the battle was. For some people the issue was the overall treatment of women in gaming, while others claimed it was “about ethics is gaming journalism,” while simultaneously shitting on “women, white knights, and cucks” for bro points.

I’m totally sure this is 100% accurate and covers all the important stuff to everybody’s satisfaction.


WTF. “Here’s some pointless footage that anybody else would have cut because it’s pointless. Also, it’s edited really poorly. We’re bringing it to you, because we’re REAL and it’s the INTERNET!”

What is this, 1999?


I’m linking this article because it amuses me, it’s a pretty close description of how I play games. Maybe it’s a factor of being an older gamer, or having limited time to play at night when everyone else has gone to sleep, but I enjoy multiplayer games though I rarely play with other people.



Didn’t it all kick off because of an article entitled gamers are dead?

Which if I remember rightly, basically asserted that the stereotype of a basement bound, lonely, no friends, dorito and mountain dew subsisting gamer was no longer accurate (was it ever accurate? ) because everyone is a gamer now.

Gamer being defined as people. Who play games on an electronic device.

The wild success of candy crush and fortnite would seem to bear this out, ditto the period where Facebook games were the shit!

I’m honestly not sure where and how that sarkessian stuff got involved…


They were “roleplaying” in goldshire. You know what that means. Even if you don’t, think about what I could mean by “you know what that means”. Yeah, it’s that.


No, “Gamers Are Over” came after the “ethics in games journalism” b.s. was already in full swing.


I’m afraid to read the article, because it hurts too much to see myself ripped open and put on display like this. Aside from Hearthstone, 95% of the time I buy and play multiplayer games I’m doing it solo (Smash, MHW, Mario Kart, The Division, Destiny, et fucking cetera).

We need more DOOM 2016’s and Shadows of Mordors.


It’s not so bad. Things get a lot easier once you accept that you’re an out-of-touch old fart still trying to enjoy games despite most of them being made for and by people that you’ll never understand.


But Mario Kart is awesome with other people!.. people you know , not the the ones hacking into their Wiis.


I am positive all these games are awesome under the same circumstances. The problem is I don’t know anybody. My wife used to be my player 2 in most games, but now she’s mostly just happy with mobile games like Bubble Witch, Farmville 2, and Hearthstone over the last few years because they’re more relaxing and easy to learn.


I do kind of miss the days of guilds where you kind of just shifted games with that group and therefore knew a lot of people in every game you played.


Happily its still a thing. My son has been a part of the same crew which started in Garrys mod but gone form game to game ever since. Its really cool to see.


That’s awesome!

I think my group burned out before Social Media was big, gmail wasn’t a think, so everyone e-mails changed, we didn’t really have phone numbers you could port, that law came later. Yeah keeping the group together would make MP a lot more worthwhile. My tiny group consists of family and a few co-workers.


Our tiny group more or less split up after WoW and most of us ended up having kids anyway, so it’s more “talk in the group chat about what you found some time to play this week” than “actually play games together” any more.


Yeah I miss my old Air Warrior squadron :) Games can be so great for communities, its nice to make friends online. Shame some of the old ones like you say, just kinda faded away.


My guild got together around 1995 as a CompuServe group. By the time Diablo and Baldur’s Gate came out, we were playing online together on dial up. That continued from game to game and through many MMOs until a few years ago. These days, we have become too spread out between games and some people have drifted away. But for 20 years, every game we logged into, House Arcanum was there and we had long time friends to play with.

I’m one of the people who drifted away in the past year or 2. I barely play any games these days. But I also miss having a home and friends in every virtual world.


He he. I have been to Goldshire before. The article did call him a philanderer. :)

Our guild has been through similar stories of sickness, death, personal tragedies and also members meeting in real life and getting married. That’s why I found the article so touching. The parents hadn’t understood it, but our online communities can be such an integral part of our way of life and circle of friends that it’s hard not to recognise ourselves in some of the protagonists in that BBC story.


Oh, the online romance with the sketch of his avatar embracing her avatar, it was all very touching given his situation, yeah.


He’s got a couple YouTube channels if you dig his style:

EPNdotTV is his gaming channel. FilmFury is his movie review channel that he has with Johnny Millenium.