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I dunno about the whole article but this is just a terrible paragraph. How you manage to pack in 4(5?) logical inconsistencies in a such a small space is impressive in its own way I suppose.

Emphasizing big hits can also be counterproductive because sometimes games that start small can turn into massive successes. In 2020, Sony didn’t put much marketing muscle behind the quirky video game creation system Dreams, by the PlayStation-owned Media Molecule in the U.K. As a result, PlayStation may have missed out on its own version of Roblox, a similar video game tool. Parent company Roblox Corp. went public earlier this year and is now valued at $45 billion.

I’m not sure I would use the word ‘feared’ but in general game developers do not appreciate the concept of being merged with/taken over by someone else, at least in terms of any type of creativity or job enjoyment. It doesn’t matter how great or successful the other company is. They might be accepting if it will result in obvious financial benefits, but the general assumption will be that their job environment is going to get worse.

Right, and Sony did fund that game. Where were these articles when Microsoft was shutting down Project Spark?

While everyone loves the little guy, and to find the next big thing, the real money is in expansion of the massive audience you already have.

People miss the forest for the trees this way. Taking a $50m seller and building a sequel that makes 10 or 15 percent more in sales is less important (by far) than taking a $200 million seller and getting that same increase. In real dollars (and I’m just making up the figures here), you make a hell of a lot more with the $200 million turning into $220 million than $50 into $55.

That’s the kind of calculus that drives Sony and any of the companies on top. Yes, they can often find money for smaller riskier projects that could become the next big thing, but selling even more of the big hits is just way more lucrative most of the time.

Days Gone (which I haven’t played) seems like a fine game but it wasn’t terribly well-received at the time. It also had some performance issues at launch iirc. These folks may be butthurt about it, but it clearly didn’t meet the standard Sony had for it internally.

Also, as @forgeforsaken points out, Microsoft isn’t even releasing Series X games. That’s fucking ridiculous.

Yes, they did fund the game - but I also think the notion that they did not throw their full marketing muscle behind it isn’t wrong. Yeah, I remember it being featured at some of Sony’s events - but I also remember that people were a bit confused to what exactly Dreams is. And I’m pretty sure, when it was actually released, it came out with much marketing fanfare. Most PS4 owners I know were kind surprised to learn that it’s available. And I’m still a bit baffled how few people I know who own it despite stuff like this usually being candy for curious game devs.

Not saying Dream would have been huuuuuuuuuge had Sony marketed it more, butI think they could have marketed it more.

This is actually legit great.

An essay on doors in video games (deep link from a post above) that’s very funny.

Sounds like Giant Bomb is basically over. Brad, Alex, and Vinny all leaving this week. Basically just leaves Jeff as the only core member sticking around.

Wow. They’ve been going for basically 12-13 years.

Vinny, Alex, and Brad all turning in their notice at the same time? Can’t help but feel they’re going somewhere together?

I used to love those guys, never missed a podcast. I pretty much drifted away after Ryan died though. Kind of surprised they’ve managed to keep it going all this time.

Like in the Basecamp thread, a 6 month bonus to find another job is very hard to turn down, even if you like the current job.

That’s not what the tweet is referring to. It’s referring to what sometimes goes into deals when one company buys another called a “key employee clause.” That basically says these specific people are key employees and if they stay for some amount of time (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.) they will get a bonus.

I think this is about they had to stay for six months after their parent company changed hands. Not a severance package.

Sounds like Giant Bomb is done with.

Really sad day. The second saddest day in the site’s history.

Uggh. So I guess Giant Bomb is just Jeff Gerstmann and Jeff Bakalar, Jason and Jan now?

The J’s remain?

And Matt Rorie.

Jmatt Rorie

Well, Ryan dying suddenly days after his wedding…

I’ve heard Matt is leaving as well, but I’ve not seen it confirmed.

@Menzo @WhollySchmidt thanks, that makes sense.