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Sounds like Giant Bomb is basically over. Brad, Alex, and Vinny all leaving this week. Basically just leaves Jeff as the only core member sticking around.

Wow. They’ve been going for basically 12-13 years.

Vinny, Alex, and Brad all turning in their notice at the same time? Can’t help but feel they’re going somewhere together?

I used to love those guys, never missed a podcast. I pretty much drifted away after Ryan died though. Kind of surprised they’ve managed to keep it going all this time.

Like in the Basecamp thread, a 6 month bonus to find another job is very hard to turn down, even if you like the current job.

That’s not what the tweet is referring to. It’s referring to what sometimes goes into deals when one company buys another called a “key employee clause.” That basically says these specific people are key employees and if they stay for some amount of time (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.) they will get a bonus.

I think this is about they had to stay for six months after their parent company changed hands. Not a severance package.

Sounds like Giant Bomb is done with.

Really sad day. The second saddest day in the site’s history.

Uggh. So I guess Giant Bomb is just Jeff Gerstmann and Jeff Bakalar, Jason and Jan now?

The J’s remain?

And Matt Rorie.

Jmatt Rorie

Well, Ryan dying suddenly days after his wedding…

I’ve heard Matt is leaving as well, but I’ve not seen it confirmed.

@Menzo @WhollySchmidt thanks, that makes sense.

I was worried about this with the sale, but it sucks to see it confirmed. It’s been great having Danny on the podcast, but even if he were to stick around it wouldn’t be the same (and I assume the Beastcast is just done). Makes you wonder what Red Ventures thought they were buying (maybe they really only cared about CNET?). I’ve not been watching all that much video content on the site recently, and I can’t imagine I will maintain my membership now.

I just discovered today that the UK’s longest patient in hospital with COVID is Jason Kelk, a writer for Retro Gamer magazine.

Jesus, he was on a vent for almost a year?

I was recently introduced to Red Ventures through work. What an utterly weird company. Sucks about GB, though.

Tor Thorsen, formerly of GameSpot, passed away this week.

I’m stunned and gutted. Tor was really good people.

This is currently on IGN’s masthead:


Take that, zionists.