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He’s not wrong, but the idea that this is something new is ludicrous. It’s been the same way since gaming websites became a thing. And even before then, gaming magazines required pre-release builds to write their reviews (since many of them worked on a lead time of as long as two months), which might have been even worse.

But yes, especially today with games that have a heavy multiplayer component, day-one reviews are bad for everyone.

The other problem is that there are more games being made than ever before.

If every game has a day long required reading review pondering the meaning of its vistas, literally you’ll be unable to consume game reviews faster than games are being made.

Music has long been in a similar situation, right? Too much music for there to be music critic reviews for all of it. So music critics only review a certain subset of popular big releases or niche albums that they cover. Doesn’t most music just go un-reviewed?

I think it’s pretty much true of all media today.

Is this true?

I thought this was going to be a joke article. Nope.

I would have bet money it was too. Still is to me. ;)

This particular new hire may not mean a lot to many folks around here, but I’m including the news because she’s a familiar face to me from way back. Void Burger goes back to the good old days of Let’s Play videos, back when Something Awful was one of the only places that really hosted those kinds of thing, and she always had some really interesting things to say about Silent Hill in particular. She’s been working with Giant Bomb for a little while now but has officially joined their crew handling video production. I think that’s pretty cool!

Jan Ochoa on Twitter: “Yooooo it is my pleasure to announce that @VoidBurger is joining the GIANT BOMB FAMILY! ✨🍔✨” / Twitter

Well that’s random.

I’ll admit I was expecting something more dire than “he used to be a nerd.”

Cosmetically “modding” the controllers is kind of a disappointment. I was hoping he was at the centre of a modchip piracy ring as the mastermind.

Why is the headline a question? Why doesn’t it say, “Timothy Chalumet had a YouTube channel where he modded Xboxes”?

I dunno! But since this is the internet, I’ll try armchair psychiatrizing - maybe if it just said straight out that Timothee Chalamet had a Youtube channel where he painted 360 controllers, folks would say ‘oh yeah right, well who didn’t?’ and move on. But you phrase it as a question and suddenly folks are all ,‘well don’t leave me hanging, bro!!’ and click on the headline.

Yeah that makes sense. I hate people and the internet. Good thing my doors are locked and my computers are broken so none of them can bother me.

Well, it’s also that we technically don’t know that it’s him, though it’s pretty obvious.

Also Betteridge’s Law of Headlines is responsible for a lot of clickbaiting.

Eurogamer has a retrospective/developer interview for Buck Rogers, an ambitious Mega Drive game. It sounds like it would’ve been amazing back in 1991. Some of the devs went on to work on the underrated Shadowrun game for Genesis.

Great story, and one of the few Genesis/Mega Drive games I’ve never played. I may have to snatch it up if I see one in the near future now.

Good for them! PR/branding shit in tech is the worst.