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I wonder how badly their sourcing will suffer. “On background” is very common across all forms of journalism.

Did you read the article? The practices they’re choosing to no longer take part in go waaaay beyond traditional background sourcing.

It’s fun trying to figure out the who/what of their examples!

Though this one is a gimme.

And this one:

This is just big tech companies not giving a shit about communications in general until they have to, so everyone in communications / PR departments develops a CYA approach to all communications, and there’s no one looking over “their shoulder” from the company because no one cares cares about PR until it’s a problem.

A lot of this just feels like lower-totem pole people just making shit up as they go… but the lowest person on the pole in a tech company are the highest points of contact for actual media.

I’m surprised this wasn’t posted yet. Maybe because he’s extra controversial as of 2020?

You all know you went to SA. It’s ok if you don’t want to admit it.

it’s in the Something Awful thread.

Ah… my bad. I even searched!

I didn’t ‘went to SA’. I go now to SA. It’s a pretty chill forum. Big, knowledgeable communities for small games like Dominions.

Aw, that guy was interesting.

I like it. We see a lot of that hand wringing over other awards, like what does and doesn’t get nominated for Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, Tony’s, etc. Why not the Keighleys too? :)

It Takes Two is the only game on the list I haven’t played and of the rest Returnal is also better than every game nominated and was also snubbed.

That’s a dumb article. Like really, really dumb.

And that’s why it’s here.

Yeah. At first I thought there was some genuine snub involved, but when I read it, I could feel my brains running out of my ear.

How exactly are the awards chosen, though? Well, The Game Awards uses a “jury” panel consisting of media influencers and outlets (including some of our colleagues at GamesRadar and PC Gamer, no less), who vote on the nominees for the top accolades, they also cast votes for who actually wins the awards, with a mere 10% of the vote weight going to the public, you know, the people who actually play and buy the games en masse.

If I wasn’t questioning The Game Awards’ candidacy for becoming The Oscars of the gaming industry before, I certainly am now, after seeing them snub the top-rated game of 2021: Forza Horizon 5.

Funny that he thinks the public having very little say in the awards is in some way unlike the Oscars.

Right? Apparently, that 10% public vote weight is about 100% more than you or I get to contribute to the Oscars.

You mean you don’t get a voting form for the Oscars mailed to you once a year?? If they don’t make sure everyone gets a vote, there is a risk that some day in the future the wrong movie might win.

One of my pet peeves is people who really really want the gaming industry to become the movie industry. Why should Geoff Keighley want the game awards to be “the Oscars of the gaming industry”? The Oscars suck! And I don’t remember the Oscars also being a major look-forward event with tons of exclusive reveals.

The gaming industry is its own thing. It doesn’t need to become the movie industry to become relevant - it’s already culturally relevant, and it becomes more so every day.