Games Journalism 2021 - Coming to you live!

I posted that in the eclipse thread yesterday. I really liked it. I especially laughed at this part.

But those are the very worst QD games, aren’t they? The problem with Quantic Dream’s games, especially the recent ones, is that they are - and I say this with all the love my heart can muster - awful terrible, no good messes with some of the worst, most facile writing you will ever experience in the medium of video games. Detroit is a game in which a robot character who has been tortured by a human turns to camera and says “who is the real monster?!” out loud. I will never stop talking about how bad the writing was on Detroit. Remember how you could give your group of political activist robots the slogan “I have a dream”,

Surprising to see someone go in that hard on Quantic Dream without even mentioning all the ways that David Cage is a huge asshole.

Probably easier to stay on the safe side of defamation.

Probably the last entry for the year.

Notable to me only because I completely missed the last entry. Someone violated the United Kingdom’s Official Secrets Act twice to prove they were right about an inaccuracy on the in-game tank model in War Thunder.

To prove that War Thunder’s version of the tank is inaccurate, a player posted an image of a classified UK military document on the War Thunder forum. The image was removed, and the poster was warned that the offense can carry “up to a 14-year prison sentence.”


Yeah completely nuts. There was brief post here:

IIRC, this was also not the first time that has happened on that forum.

It happened at least once again after that one reported in the roundup.