Games Journalism 2022 - NFT, blockchain, crypto ledes!

God yes. Wreck em on the way out the door, y’all.

Yeah man, fight the power!

If everybody did it though?

I did see one of their top writers was laid off… while asleep in Japan attending the Tokyo Game Show for the company that laid him off.

hoo boy.

Giant Bomb bought again.

I’ll take this over RedVentures, tbh.

I don’t mind who owns Metacritic so long as they maintain the cranky commenter portal between there and here.

I look forward to all these sites becoming ad-infested hellscapes like their wikis. Pulled up a page last night on mobile that had two popover ads (one video) on top of the persistent popover plus a banner ad and an interstitial when I went to a second page. I know - adblock - not the point.

Fandom must be salivating over how they can monetize the Giant Bomb wiki.

Oh Christ, I forgot how absolutely fucking miserable their sites are to navigate without extremely intense ad/scriptblocking

Original founder (Whiskey Media) weighs in here:

I suppose, but I would assume premium membership would confer ad free access.


Just found out that Rob Smith, former EIC of PC Gamer and many other gaming magazines, died this week. Very heartbreaking.

Oh, no. What happened?

No information about cause of death.

This cancelled single player Plants vs Zombie game actually sounds pretty darn cool. I know this was already scrapped, and then the project they were switched to was scrapped as well, but they should definitely make a single player adventure PvZ game in the future.

Lots of great details and concept art in the story.

They’re a 10, but only like playing single player games.

Is Jeff Green still at PopCap?

He left PopCap 9 years ago.