Games KILL! (Again)

Last night in Toronto, in a relatively upper-class part of town, two university students, 18 and 19 years old were racing Mercedes’ on Mount Pleasant Blvd, a 50 km/h road. Travelling approximately 150 km/h, they struck a taxi making a lefthand turn and killed the driver instantly.

The story is tragic enough – stupid kids doing stupid things hurting an innocent person – but today, Metro Toronto Police release the “news” that OMG… a copy of Need For Speed Most Wanted was found on the front seat of one of the cars.

Here we go again…

Really? It was still on the seat after a 150km/h crash? Sounds planted to me.

Oh come on. Who doesn’t drive 150km/h on Mt. Pleasant? Next people will be pretending that the speed limit on the 401 is 90km/h inside city limits, when everyone knows you have to be doing at least 140 to be matching traffic.

Also: NFSMW doesn’t even having any Toronto roads. So there.

What’s a kilometer?

1.609 kilometres equals 1 mile. 100 kph ~= 63 mph.

Edit: Fixed the obvious error. (Thanks to S. Hargraves.)

Yeah I was just making a bad joke. : P

Might have been funny if Canada was the odd man out with respect to metric.

I’m pretty sure teenagers never drove recklessly before video games were around! Geez, these stories just sound made up. Maybe when someone comes up with a cure for cancer there will be a video game nearby and all will be forgiven.

Might have been funny if Canada was the odd man out with respect to metric.

That was actually sort of the point of the joke, I was aping the viewpoint of an ignorant provincial American.


Maybe Charles was just aping the viewpoint of the typical hypersensitive Canadian.

Hey, the US has been officially metric for over 100 years.

Let us never speak of the kilometer joke again.

What’s a kilometre?

I don’t know, I’ll have to cheque.

: >

No to the first part.

1 km = 0.621371192 miles.

This thread took a favourable turn right quick.

That stretch of Mount Pleasant always has cars speeding, and I’ll admit to excedding the limit there as well. But these kids were WAY over speeding, and were street racing according to the news reports. 150 km/h on that stretch is nuts.

Gosh, I used to street race in my younger and more irresponsible days. Of course, I didn’t have the advantage of modern racing sims to incite me. My only excuse was the notorious murder simulator Legend of Zelda.

Was just going to post about this. CBC ran a story about this near the top of The National tonight, with the “Need For Speed” emblazoned on the little teaser graphic over Mansbridge’s shoulder, lots of talk about how cops were looking into how the game influenced the accident, etc. Sheesh. They even showed some guy at what looked like an EB, playing the game on the Xbox and plowing a car head-on into a taxi over and over again. Classy stuff, considering it was a cabbie who got killed.

Of course, at the end of the story, it’s noted that police don’t think the game really had anything to do with causing the wreck. Nice work, CBC!

I just don’t get it. Why is there always something else to blame when a person does something stupid? I mean, I could understand the person who did it saying, “I was influenced by the game.” or “My brakes gave out.” trying to find an excuse for their behaviour. Why is it that the media tries to find excuses for them? It’s still news that a cabbie was killed, regardless of this silly game business.