Games kill my net!

Well not my net, a mates net.

Here’s what happens in a nutshell… he connects… tries to connect to a game… and his net shutsdown… it disconnects.

He can surf the net perfectly fine… look at websites and use chat programs (mirc, ICQ etc) … but no games.
He has no firewall enabled, and his net sharing hasn’t changed settings.

He is using Windows XP with SP 1 installed… he did get that mblast virus but got the fixes and removied the virus from his computer.
His ISP is iPrimus. (ozzie ISP)

So any ideas? what could be causing this annoying problem?

Is he using a router?

I’ve found that some routers freeze up when you start throwing lots of packets at them (my Netgear MR814 does this regularly… grrr…) Rebooting the router solves the problem, or I can wait 5-10 minutes. The solution? A better router.

If there’s no router, how does he restore his Internet connection? Rebooting?


  • Sorry i should’ve mentioned his net is Dial Up*… so when it dies all he has to do is re-dial… and as far as I know he does’nt have a router…

(* most of Australia is still Dial Up, thanks to our wonderful govt not thinking it is important enough and letting us be run by a “Nazi” Telco… YAY Australia YAY!)

<shudder> Dial-up?

I take it the connection isn’t timing out or something? There used to be a wealth of utilities for keeping net connections “alive” over dial up by sending packets out every few minutes. However, if I’m understanding your post correctly, he tries to connect and bam the line drops its connection?

If that’s the case, I have no idea. :(

<Qt3 umpire calls “STTRRRIIIIKE 3!”>

Next up…?

The Aussie ISP doesn’t have some lameass software to get him connected? Or is he using a straight DUN connection?

If he is using the ISP software i’d suggest he contact them to have him setup on a DUN connection - it may not be as pretty, but it usually works better :P

If he’s not using it, um strike 4.

He can connect to the net… surf the net… but when he tries to join a game… say…CS… then the net connection closes… like it detects fun and kills itself…

I changed to DSL two months ago, but while I was still using my free dialup through the university I found this site very useful:


It sounds to me like he’s getting dropped as soon as the modem gets overwhelmed, and there are some init strings in the database tab which deal with dropped connections. I even managed to play Vietcong with my 56k and it was very playable.

Thanks… if thats not the case has anyone else got ideas?

If it is the case, why would it just start happening? bad drivers? Virus?

This guys a DoD addict and if I don’t help him soon he may just start playing in real life :)

Well I know most games servers have a max latency set at 150-200ms. This is to stop modem players joining and killing the server. You sure the server is not kicking him out because of high latency ?

Most dialup connections hover around 150-300ms latency.

Damn sure, due to tha fact that Australias internet generally blows only about 10% would even think of having broadband only servers, otherwise they’d lose players.

I’m kind of thinking he may have to backup his shit and format… pity… but sometimes neccesary.

Might be the ISP itself. They may be blocking the gaming ports that they are aware of. Australian ISPs are notorious for being stingy with the bandwidth.

How long has this been happening? There’s a virus out now that disconnects from the net. The w32.blaster.worm virus will try disconnect from the net under certain conditions. It doesn’t want to allow you to download a fix from Microsoft. My son’s notebook computer is probably infected with it, but I’m not sure since he’s away at college and his university network is down, infected with the recent worms that have been released.

And with good reason since Telstra continues to charge exhorbitant per megabyte bandwidth fees. Also all data from the U.S. comes with a cost as well.

The mind boggles.

Telstra = Nazis

… and I think he’s just gonna go for the format. meh!

Isn’t this a really bad joke to be using in Tasmania?


I take it yer talking about Port Auther… yer?.. but he lives in Melbourne so I don’t think it matters much…

… melbourne being where the hoddle street massacre occured, of course :)

Actually I screwed up, he lives in the city of churches. … so many people I talk to online, its hard to keep track of all three of them.

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