Games like Magic Carpet?

I was just reading Peter Molyneux’s comments to Denis Dyack on another forum, and it reminded me of one of my favorite games of all time - Magic Carpet. There was something to the open levels, the competition with other mages, the soul gathering, the cool explosive spells, and the terrain deformation/destruction. Sacrifice comes to mind as having some of that feel (along with more of an RTS feeling), but as much as I love Sacrifice it’s still not the same. I mean, who implements stereogram mode these days?

Have there been games made since that are in the style of MC, or can MC be run on a (fairly) new computer somehow (Dosbox, etc?) I’d love to go back and revisit this classic yet again.

Better yet, who’s going to make a modern day version? I imagine there could be an amazing set of new ideas to put into a remake, along with competitive (and team based) play, on line matchups, etc.

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IIRC, attempting to run MC on a new computer is very hard to do, and if you do manage to do it it tends to run much too fast to keep it playable.

A new version with all the terraforming would be awesome, of course.

I didn’t have much trouble getting it to run a couple years back, but yes, it does run waaaaaaay too fast to be playable. I was crushed, because I used to play it all the time in middle school. It was on every computer in homeroom and that was basically all we did before classes.

I do remember someone saying that there was a way to slow it down, but damned if I can find it.

Magic Carpet is a DOS game, no? So DOSBox would seem to be the natural choice.