Games LIKE the facebook games, but not on facebook?

My wife really enjoys the little wizard game and the gang game on facebook. However, she had a virus try to infiltrate while she was playing one, so now she doesn’t want to use those apps anymore. Where is a good place to find games like those? I haven’t really played them, but they seem to be text games, with some pics. You have limited turns per day (a bit like Trade Wars I guess). I don’t think she wants multiplayer. She didn’t like getting attacked by other people and she never attacked them. She just likes doing the little quests and getting more stuff and leveling her characters. I know this is typical RPG stuff, but she wants RPG-lite, like the old BBS games we used to play where you would have so many turns per day.

A flash type game might be best, but I don’t know any. I should add that I do know websites with Flash games. I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for advice on specific games/apps.

I hate those face book games is a passion. All the people on my facebook friends list just love them. So every day I log in and I have like 60 snow balls and a dozen smiles I have to ignore.

I found a couple little things on this site she may like, and also I feel your pain about Facebook games, my Wife just got me to get an account and the first thing I got was a tobasco filled water balloon attack.

Maybe Kingdom of Loathing? It sill has the limited turns, but if she doesn’t really want to interact with anyone else there are no worries.

I wish there was a TW2002 or LORD game for Facebook. It’d beat the crap out of these ____ Wars games for me.

Wait, what? Which game? What kind of virus?

The game where you are a wizard and have to match jewels that magically disappear, I’m guessing.

Somewhat more seriously, Facebook isn’t your problem here. If anything, Facebook games are on average going to be safer than random website games. I’m guessing an infected advertising network is to blame here.

No. It’s a game where you are like Harry Potter or something. You can buy spells and go on quests and such. I haven’t played it. It’s called Magic School or something like that. I suspect David is right, but it doesn’t matter. She won’t play the games anymore BECAUSE of the timing. She got a notification from AVG while she was playing the game. But anyway, I was trying to find her some of these that aren’t on facebook, since she doesn’t like the other players taking her stuff anyway.