Games Not Available Digitally Legally

From @BrianRubin 's General Space Game thread where I asked about Star Trek: Birth of the Federation being unavailable legally anywhere, what are other games you miss that aren’t available that you can think of? Doesn’t have to be restricted to PC but can be console.

Some of the movie LOTR PS2 games were good if I recall…? But here’s what I can think of right now that I may consider re-installing my purchased ODD copy protection emulation programs (Alcohol 120%, AnyDVD, Daemon Tools) for if I ever have time.

  • Battle For Middle-Earth 1
  • Battle For Middle-Earth 2
  • Star Trek: Birth of the Federation
  • Wolverine: X-Men Origins
  • X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (don’t think the first was available for PC?)

I’m going to assume Disney/Marvel properties like Deadpool and other things like it?

I remember looking for The Movies a while back without any luck. Not sure if that is available anywhere now.

Many unavailable games are from defunct publishers/developers but there have been a few where they just lost the code due to passage of time (didn’t think ahead decades to reselling games digitally on other platforms) and/or staff attrition. Others like MMO experiences don’t have the corresponding online servers anymore like Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2.

  • Bureau 13
  • Fantasy Empires
  • Nocturne
  • Warhammer Dark Omen

I picked up that Xbox Xmen Legends at a thrift shop hoping it would become BC someday. Never happened.

I played these games to death, and would still probably be playing them if they didn’t yank the servers and say the licensed elapsed or something like that.

Even though this wasn’t very good, I’d love to see it on gog one day.

GameTek, like Acclaim was often the opposite of a “seal of quality.”

Do you mean multiplayer? Because I can still play BFME2…not sure about 1.

Yes; they puled the servers for and at the time discussions of a 3rd were shot down due to licensing, if I recall correctly. I don’t think you can still buy it due to licensing either.

Oh that’s a shame for multiplayer.

It was pretty much my last RTS. I mostly exited the genre after that. If they ever considered a 3 I would totally look into it, but like I said there was something going on with permissions, licensing, all that stuff.

I think there are community resources that can get MP back some time after they yanked the officials, but i moved on by that point. Very fond memories though… great fun! I still have the media I’m sure.

Outrun 2 Coast to Coast, such a fun little racer that was. I understand it’s gone for good because of a Ferrari licensing ending. Some lucky people got it on Steam before it was pulled though.

So many on consoles… On the PC, one I keep hearing about but never could enjoy is Emperors of the Fading Suns.

Here you go, $16.

No One Lives Forever - PC

This raises an ethical point. All of those are used, or grey market (“new”, but actually bought and never used). So none of that money will ever go to the creator, publisher, etc. At that point is it ethical to download a pirated copy?

Rise of Legends?

I want a copy of this:

That isn’t $90-$180.

Rules of Engagement I and II.

Hah. Beat Brian to the punch.

The thread is about games not being available as a digital product legally, so…

A couple of videos that came out a few months ago on this subject.