Games Not Available Digitally Legally

Good question, with probably a longer answer than you were anticipating so I’ll apologize ahead of time;

Hate is probably the wrong word for it, just the conflicted feeling that people used it to download a bunch of “free” games. Please note, this is a philosophical stance and not really a judgement; I personally used it for digital backups which doesn’t strike me as remotely contentious (despite what some legal minds may argue).

But then what about gamers who missed out on these games and would otherwise never have a chance to buy them? Well, one could argue they could pay often-ridiculous prices on eBay or Amazon to get a hard copy, although no money would flow to the devs or publishers. However, it would ostensibly enrich those who already paid them. Yay, capitalism (?!?) please note sarcasm

But let’s say it’s someone on a budget. While nobody is entitled to video games, then comes the question of whether any harm is being done by making these vanished classics available. Offhand, I’d say typically not as the publishers are out of business. One could say those few enterprising individuals offering copies of ancient games for $200 or whatever are being harmed, but those are few and far between, and I’ll be blunt and say my heart doesn’t go out to most of them. What about publishers who are offering contemporary games, however? Would access to these free classics impede their business? Eh, maybe a bit. Then again, it might also encourage it just as much if not more.

So in short, every time I went there I thought about this conundrum of mixed benefits (and really, HOTU was wonderful in lots of ways) and potential pitfalls. In some ways, it also reminded me of my not-terribly-honest first forays into the “wonderful” world of file sharing and the realization of how that impacted various industries (again, some of which I cared deeply about, other parts not so much). So it was love/hate for me.

Re-Volt (1999).
IIRC, it was briefly availalble on GOG a few years ago, but then got pulled for some reason after only a couple of months, sadly before I had the chance to purchase it.

ToyBox Turbos may scratch that itch.

I reviewed this for CGW :)

Dreamcast version is excellent.

I bounced off it originally, but downloaded it and had a playthrough a year or so back and really got into it. There’s nothing else even remotely like it. I didn’t feel bad using an abandonwarey key because I paid for the game back in the day.

Welp, Oasis arrived today. Can’t wait to try it!

“Drive Me Faster, Tiny Racer”
Found it. Nice review. I miss 1999. I miss CGW.
I really should download every issue. I mean, I’ve still got all my old paper ones, but having this archive is really handy.

Woah. Nice. I could spend a lot of time in there. And likely will.

Thread necro: I can’t find the first Colin McRae DiRT 1 anywhere legally anymore it seems. Looks like I will have to reinstall Alcohol 120%/Daemon Tools Pro to make and mount an ISO of it. I recall it having nasty StarForce DRM though and don’t know how well that will interfere with Windows 10 these days. Win8 had nasty ‘this won’t work with Win8’ warnings for StarForce-protected games if I recall.

Some more titles I used to “own” on defunct Direct2Drive and GMG’s Capsule gaming client:

SEGA Rally Revo (arcadey rally game with track deformation but DiRT Rally 2.0 is better these days)
Ninja Blade (2009, by the Dark Souls/Armored Core people)

Will also try to reinstall Battle for Middle-earth 1+2 in 2020.

Remember for all your BfME needs.

Is No one lives forever on this list? I saw a way to dl it and #2 with some mods to make it work … I check GOG periodically.

Here ya go:

Someone other than Peter should make it for vr.

Holy shit. Now there’s an idea.

Seems like the hand controllers would be much better for doing the spell stuff than trying to make a pattern with your mouse :)

For sure. I mean, your mouse-pointer in-game was a hand, fer chrissakes! Just grabbing and dragging yourself around, casting spells, petting (and smacking) your creature. Could be a lot of fun!

Does that not work anymore? I bought Ninja Blade on it too

I haven’t reinstalled it since they sunset it in favour of another client and then dropped that client too.