Games of the Decade 2010-2019 - other sites thread.

What the heck is an auto-battler? Does it play itself? Anyone seen my teeth?

edit: it amuses me that the term ‘walking simulator’ has been effectively wasted on a certain sub-genre of adventure game, when along comes Kojima who has created an honest-to-god walking simulator.

I don’t like any of those new genres! Does that officially make me old now? If so, get off my lawn!

I also never played Minecraft and have zero interest in it. Potentially related: I also hate – no, despise crafting in games, and only play games with crafting if they have enough other stuff in it that I like, too.

And is it me or are all of these top-whatever lists always very light when it comes to strategy games? (Haha, I nearly wrote “real” games. I’ll go away now.)

Pretty much. It’s games like Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics.

Think you meant 3 of 9.


Really, Polygon?

And just a few spots below XCOM 2

Ah fixed it! Maths and counting are hard!

Random reviewer audio started when I loaded that page, but then when I reloaded it didn’t so umm? Ok!

Shit. Mass Effect 1 was LAST decade.

Woah, A Way Out made the list! I was really looking forward to that game but then it came out and got tepid reviews. But this tells me that someone somewhere liked it enough that they thought it was one of the best games of the decade! Nice! Time to put it back on the wishlist after all.

Edit: Putting Just Cause 3 in the list instead of Just Cause 2 is a bizarre choice though. I checked and Just Cause 2 came out in March 2010, so it’s eligible.

Really? A Way Out is one of the best? Friend of mine talked me into playing that and I enjoyed it up until the end when it became a total ripoff of well, I won’t say which movie, but a pretty big movie. Kind of ruined the whole experience for me.

Guess I gotta make time for The Sexy Brutale.

20: Botanicula
19: Pony Island
18: Holedown
17: Rain World
15: To the Moon
14: Thomas Was Alone
13: The Unfinished Swan
12: Nidhogg
11: Wilmot’s Warehouse
10: Dead Pixels
9: Sundered
8: Kingdom Two Crowns
7: The Swapper
6: Linelight
5: Pyre
4: Monolith
3: Escape Goat 2
2: Transistor
1: The Sexy Brutale

Given my game playing (lack) habits, I find it funny that I’ve played a greater percentage of these overlooked games than most of the ‘top’ lists.

At 6/20

Heh yep I am at 9/20.

14/20, and i wouldn’t call 90% of those gems. Hell a bunch are real pieces of junk.
Sexy Brutale is cute, if quite unremarkable overall.

Eurogamer is going to be presenting the Games of the Decade throughout this week. They started today with Dark Souls and Mass Effect 2.

Here’s a list near and dear to Qt3:

They put “management games” in their own category.

Here’s the top ten RPS best strategy games:

  1. Into The Breach
  2. Neptune’s Pride
  3. Invisible, Inc.
  4. Crusader Kings II
  5. Alpha Centauri
  6. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  7. UFO: Enemy Unknown (OpenXcom)
  8. King of Dragon Pass
  9. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6
  10. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Those RPS lists seem to be “best of all time” rather than “best of this decade”.

Hmm I don’t think Fallout 4 should be in the Top 10 of the VG247 list, it just wasn’t that good.

Forged Alliance near the top, yay! Also Sacrifice in the 20 is great, considering how little that game sold. Who knew enough game journalists even played it to get on a list. Civilization 6 though? I thought Qt3 told me repeatedly how much it sucked? I guess if the game actually has fans out there, I shouldn’t write it off completely like I had.