Games or genres that you totally suck at, but still love?

For me, it’s fighting games. Oh, man, do I suck at them. I just can’t stop playing them, tho.

The one exception is Soul Calibur. It’s the only game I’ve actually been able to make the characters do what I want them to, and not just rely on button mashing.

World War II strategy games on the PC (not bad with a regular board game)

i would say city-sims like SimCity, Tropico etc… i just can’t get the economy right…

I don’t ever play games I suck at. Too frustrating. This is why I don’t play RTS games. I just can’t think that fast.

The only RTS that I’ve picked up in years was RoN and that was because I was expecting to be able to bypass the combat elements.

I suck at economically-based strategy games, like Patrician II or Railroad Tycoon. I always spend too much too quick because I’m impatient and want everything NOW NOW NOW! I love 'em, however, and can’t get enough of 'em.

All of this goes for me as well.

Flight combat sims. I love the concept but have trouble getting past the yank-n-bank mechanics into more esotric things like corner speed and energy management. Turning down the realism seems like cheating, but now that I have upgraded from a Geforce 2 Ultra to a 9500 Pro, maybe the better frame rate in IL2 will lead me to give it another go.

Yup, flight combat sims without a doubt. I like Il-2 Sturmovik a lot, but I don’t even want to dwell on how long it took before I first successfully landed my plane. Performance wasn’t the issue either - I just seemingly forgot everything about how to land. I used to kick ass old flight sims like the Chuck Yeager and Red Baron games, so I don’t know what the hell happened to my skeelz. (Aside from the fact that those games were far, far simpler, I mean.)

mmmh, CYAC…

absolute classic

I still like to play RTS games, but since I don’t like to devote hours and hours perfecting myself with a certain title, I am not nearly as competitive as I used to be with the likes of TA and RA and War 2. The newer rts games, as good as alot of them are, are just rehashes. But I still like alot of them.


Football on the consoles. Damn am I bad! But I have so much fun being bad. :D

RTS games. Can beat the PC, but always get spanked by other players. The only game I get intimidated on line in.

Tactical Shooters-Can someone explain to me why it is fun to sit in observer mode in an online game? Since I have impatient Quake skillz this is where I spend my time in these games.

flight combat- I’ts not that i don’t understand the E factor, it is the situational awareness that kills me. I don’t think I’ll be any good at Flight combat games until I can take a second monitor and place it behind me.

BG II - I’ve been playing this game on and off since it came out. Please let it end. I die almost every time I play. Still love it.

Hrm…so what do I not suck at…

I like fighters. Can’t do a well-timed combination to save my life, though.

I also enjoy the fighters. I wiggle and smush buttons in King Of Fighters with much glee, and even occasionally win a battle, but simply cannot maintain a stable enough skill level to ever progress far.

Similarly, I seem to be addicted to Japanese vertical shoot’em ups (shmups ala DoDonPachi, GigaWing, GunBird etc) just for the occasions when I zone out and can dodge immense bullet storms and predict movement patterns with pleasurable ease.

A few minutes later my concentration will lapse, and bazooom: G[size=2]AME[/size] O[size=2]VER[/size].

RTS - While I almost started in MP with AoM and RoN, I delayed. I put one of those down for a week or two and my skills make a precipitous drop.

I was just beginning to beat the moderate A.I. with regularity and start CtW, I had the crash problems, and put the game down. The recent patch comes out, I figure I will try some quick battles before the CtW, and I get trounced. I guess I could go back to easy and probably will, but dammit, my Tetris skills do not deteriorate at this rate, why in the hell do my RTS skills do it?

Oh well, when does Warlords Battlecry III come out?

I have to throw in for combat flight sims, too. They’re so great when you pull off a nice air-to-air maneuver, or drop a bomb right on a target. Too bad those are separated by so much crashing and spinning.

[size=1]Edeted fur speelin[/size]

Fighting games. Bleh. I hate them anyway, so my suckage with them is a moot point. Games I DO like to play and suck at are computer war games.

actually, I have to add console football games as well, even more than war games on the PC.

RTS games, which I always play on ‘Easy’, often at slow speed, and TBS, also which I always play on ‘Easy’.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sucks at RTS games. Especially at multiplayer, where I get my ass handed to me in a matter of seconds.