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I’ve been reading Slashdot itself less and less lately, since more and more of the highly moderated posts are rated “Funny” when they just aren’t.

So far the postings have the same snarky “know it all” tones as Slashdot itself, but it’s out there, and it’s got to be better then Aint It Cool Games.

This’ll put Dave Long out of business with all of their MS bashing.

That purple has got to go. The main site is hypnotically soothing by comparison :shock:

I actually flinched when IE rendered the page. I’m not even exaggerating here, nor am I doing that thing where people say “I’m not even exaggerating here” but they really are. I think that’s the first time a website that didn’t involve goats caused that to happen. Way to go, Rob.

PS: Flinch is a weird word.

Yes, and any positive comments on Xbox games get an automatic negative mod just like the usual /. system.

Yeah, the purple is pretty bad. Slashdot’s discussion system is too broken to contemplate, though. 500 messages of which 450 are stupid; yay slashdot.

… except that the discussion forum created by the person writing that rant just isn’t as compelling to me to follow, due to it’s layout.

A number of what the forum software features the author complains about are ones that I won’t stick with a forum if they don’t have. He hates branching, for example, while I prefer it.

While Joel makes a lot of valid points, I actually like Slash’s discussion format, especially for a news item driven site like Slashdot, it’s infinitely better than say, Fark. Joel’s two main beefs against Slashdot is branching and moderation, both of which are entirely user-configurable.

The problem with Slashdot is that the trolls and karma whores have taken the place over, there are too many people “gaming” Slashdot. Combine that with the high traffic, and it’s like having a discussion in a European football stadium when the half the fans are rioting.

For me it’s the “funny” mod. If I could make everything moderated “Funny” go away and turn up the mod ratings to 3 or higher, it would actually become quite readable. Occasional quips are fine, but it’s not a humor site, and more then 50% of things that get moderated up are humore related.

Maybe you already can do it, but I haven’t figure out how.

Slashdot does in fact allow you to change the default modifiers that you want each of the different moderations to have (ie, “funny” “offtopic” etc).

Login and then go here. If the link doesn’t work, then go to your user preferences, select the “comments” tab, then scroll down to “Reason Modifier”.

Are you registered? You can go into your preferences, and under the Comments tab, set the “Reason Modifier” to give “Funny” mods a -6 rating.

Slashcode has gotten really configurable in the last year or so, I think Slashdot’s subscriptions have been the root reason for a lot of the options. I’d set a whole slew of option to make it more readable, but I get nabbed for moderation too often and I don’t want to flip between readable settings and fair moderation settings that frequently. (Yes, I’m a /. addict.)


Thanks folks!

I don’t agree with all of Joel’s idea either, but… I vastly prefer Joel’s forums, because the commentary is intelligent. That’s not something you routinely find on slashdot.

Slashdot is a lot like Usenet. No, I’m not joking, think about it. All the posters are mindless, dull, fan-boyish-for-one-thing-or-another fucks who all think they’re right and you’re wrong. If a surgical supply store had a spine return policy, these fucks would put it out of business. Never before have I seen a website so devoid of keen wit and intellect when everyone that posts would like to label themselves as the next Don Rickles. The only time intelligence has ever crossed Slashdot’s boards is when, for a brief moment, someone said how nice of an idea it would be to have an original train of thought and not like Linux because it’s free and not hate Microsoft because they’re number one. This person was then, obviously, tac-nuked off the internet because one too many ADD ridden script-kiddies who haven’t taken their Ritalin decided they didn’t like that asshole’s opinion and the common sense of a different view doesn’t apply to Slashdot.

Fuck Slashdot. Fuck it up it’s stupid ass. And fuck anyone who thinks the website has ever actually done anything useful; It’s as useless as fuckedcompany and msnbc combined.

Is this the point where I delurk and introduce myself as the new Slashdot games editor? Oh, yes :)

A couple of points - firstly, whilst it’s true that some of the Slashdot clientele can be a little troll-happy, it’s possible to get different subcultures on the subpages. For example, has cultivated its own, pretty friendly little world, and we’re hoping to do the same for games. And if you look at articles like the “EVE” beta discussion, you’ll see some reasonably detailed, sensible conversation going on. So all is not hopeless :)

Secondly, there’s a not-immediately-obvious RDF feed for Slashdot Games, for those who just want to plug the headlines in to their reader of choice and take things as they come:

Other than that, would love to get user submissions from QuarterToThree types for possible inclusion on the page - quality stories about current topics are always appreciated.


All I ask is…please…for the love of God…please do not post a link to Qt3 on Slashdot…


PLEASE adjust the purple.

…no QT3 links, will pass on the purple ‘issues’ :)


… and slashdot-bashing is a lot like people who take every opportunity to mention that they don’t even own a television because everyone knows all the programs on it rot your brain.

Anyway, simoniker, really, the neon-purple is litterally painful enough on the eyes that many of us are simply ignoring the site until it goes away. Far, far away.

Maybe we could get a member user preference to disable all the different color-schemes and default to one sane choice?

I say this with all honesty. If you post another Justin Hall article as an actual quality piece of journalism examining some part of gaming - I will hunt you down and torture you for days on end before I give you the option of either killing yourself, or actually reading and trying to justify a Justin Hall article.