Games Sommelier Challenge - Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

So after Tom’s link to a Hardcore History podcast in the Ottoman Sunset review I revisited the catalog on iTunes. Now I’ve got it in my head to pair a game to each episode I can see there. For shows that span multiple episodes I’ll only pick one game for the whole set. I’ll start with the most recent one and work back.

Episode 50: Blueprint for Armageddon - GMT Games Paths of Glory

Episode 49: The American Peril - Victory Point games A Splended Little War (Stolen from Tom Chick)

Episode 48: Prophets of Doom - GMT Games Here I Stand

Episode 43: Wrath of the Khans - Crusader Kings 2 (Mongol Scenario)

Episode 42: Logical Insanity - Uh oh falling apart here. What games are good about portraying the effects of “Total War” Bomber Command maybe, but that’s not quite right.

Episode 41:Thor’s Angels - Crusader Kings 2 (Old Gods 867 Scenario)

Episode 40: Radical Thoughts - Twilight Struggle

So there’s my first sommelier challenge. Wow did I pick an obscure one or what. So the audience on this may be kind of limited unless a lot more people than I expect have spent some serious time listening to Dan Carlin. But it’s out there.

Put up another game sommelier challenge maybe something with a little broader audience.

Tom M

Ahh, Paths of Glory. One of the best games I have ever played. It does my heart good to see it mentioned here.