Games that are a decade old this year -- 1999 was awesome

It shocks me to think these games are 10 years old. These games were the ones that I played, my last year of college. Some more, some less, but, man, what a year.

Freespace 2
Jane’s F/A-18
Jane’s USAF
Planescape: Torment
Quake III
Starfleet Command (I & II)
System Shock 2
Team Fortress Classic
Tony Hawk
Unreal Tournament
X-Wing Alliance

I’m as contemptuous of rose-colored glasses as anyone older than 28, but that year seemed to be pure awesomeness.


Age of Wonders
Rollercoaster Tycoon
Unreal Tournament
AoE II: Age of Kings

It really was. The height of the dot-com/“New Economy” economic boom was no coincidence of course.

Wasn’t Alpha Centauri also released then? Might have been 98, which was up there too.


Out of that list, Planescape Torment and UT were pretty good.

Were pretty good? Some of the BEST GAMES EVER were in that year. PST, Swat 3, Homeworld, Quake 3, Homm 3 and System Shock 2 are in my personal top100, and pretty high.

But obviously not everyone has the same tastes. While I’d agree that the list has a lot of games that seem to be fondly remembered, personally only two of those are what I would call an “all time great” and a few others I played and fully understand why they are beloved. But a bunch of them either never did anything for me or I simply never bothered with because they aren’t the type of game I like. Of course, in 1999 I was working a full-time job and probably didn’t have the time to play them all anyway.

Which brings me to wonder whether the fact that 1999 was the last year the OP was in college, and thus probably the last year that he really had the time to play 14 games (one an MMO) and presumably a bunch more games on top of that, is the real reason the year stands out?

If you don’t think Freespace 2 was “pretty good”, then I think it’s time to stop trolling, because that is too much fail to live with.

Yeah, obviously not everyone has the same tastes, i won’t disscuss that. :P

But i don’t think the year had a subjetive quality in it (last year of college? that depends of your age, and if you were into college). It was more an industry thing. Those years, around 1998-2001, were the top height in pc gaming, as there was an influx of solid previous years, established game companies, and budgets and ambitions bigger than before… but not so big the games had to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator to recover that budget.

You have a personal top 100 ?

Normally i would say it’s just a manner of speaking. i said it generally speaking, as they are some of my favorite games.

But actually yes, i have one. I made it for a forum some years ago :P.

100? Wow. There are some pretty crappy games in my top 100, I’m sure.

Actually, that seems like kind of a crappy year… Especially in comparison to recent years.

EverQuest took most of my time, followed by Age II. Some Quake III (which I didn’t like nearly as much as Q2), but that was about it. Ahhh, the days of no backlog. How I miss thee.

Pfft, a lot of those games are excellent for sure, but you aren’t truly an old fart until you dig out the excellent games from nineteen EIGHTY nine, the year after I graduated high school:

Space Rogue
Sim City
Prince of Persia
Quest for Glory
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (admittedly not as good as Fate of Atlantis)

Ok, 1999 was better (waves fist at the kids on my lawn).

But that pales in comparison to the games that came out in nineteen SEVENTY nine, the year I graduated from high school! Okay wait, nothing came out that year. never mind…

Didn’t Baldur’s Gate 2 come out in 99 as well?

Remember the person that was going through a year’s games then moving on to the next year? I think it was 1983 I thought was the most wonderful. Personally I think 1999 was terrible – widespread adoption of the MMO and total domination by 3D technology. =/ Of the games listed above I’d only be excited about PS:T and SS2. Also Ultima IX came out in 1999. Q.E.D.

Edit: And yeah, I know – different strokes for different folks. =)

Left out Jagged Alliance 2

Lunar Lander
Star Raiders
Temple of Apshai (!)

Personally, I think 1979 would give 1999 a run for its money…

Asheron’s Call-Still kicking too.