Games that challenge or help you develop your multi-tasking capabilities

Hey guys, I know what you mean with the RTS and MMO stuff, but think of it this way: you’re always focused on the screen; one thing at a time. You’ve got everything you need to do in mind, yes, but you’re always focusing on one thing really. The best example of multi-tasking I can think of is casting a spell with your mouse while WASD’ing and talking on Ventrilo at the same time, but board and mouse have become a part of any PC gamer. I’m talking about literally doing two or more things at once. PC gaming takes you the closest to this as I’ve pointed out, but it doesn’t seem authentic as we’ve trained using these inputs with every minute of every game we’ve played–mouse and keyboard are one.

By restricted hardware, I mean exactly what I said above: what makes you do more than one thing at the same time? I think a basic but excellent and innovative tricks to manipulate gaming technology can be found in simple games like Brain Age, where you’re forced to keep your mind on recognizing colours by text and matching those up with the actual colours that pop-up on screen, which may or may not be the same. Even that’s a cheap shot at it though.

Where have we seen a real focus on this, if any?

Oh, and PS–“Practice. Start by watching TV while you’re working with heavy machinery”: Fantastic.

Well, you could get a stationary bicycle and play an arcade game while pedaling. Also, chew gum and try to inhale only through the left nostril. That’s smell, taste, hmm yes, listen to a song and sing along while you do all the above.

That’s not all engaged by the game, though ;) heheh. I should try that sometime, though!

(“Gamer chewing gum while multi-tasking fails. More news on this tragic death at 11.”)