Games that interrupt the first three seconds of play with another movie

Story tends to rate rather low on my list of important things in a game, but there are exceptions. I probably wouldn’t have played as far through the Starcraft campaign as I did without the high-quality cutscenes.

Woah. It’s like Bob’s twin brother.

whoah, didnt realise cutscenes were so essential to computer games. probably because I remember before they even existed. We managed fine without them.

In my day, we acted out the cutscenes ourselves! AND WE LIKED IT!

whoah, didnt realise cutscenes were so essential to computer games. probably because I remember before they even existed. We managed fine without them.

Yeah, Mario is fun but sometimes you want a little more meat.

I didn’t realize colour was so essential to movies/Computer games. We managed fine without them.

Actually, cutscenes have been around almost as long as I have been playing videogames, though they weren’t always ubiquitous or expected.

Pac Man is the earliest game with cutscenes that I can think of. Anyone know of anything earlier?

First game that really used cutscenes to cinematic effect, I would say, was Karateka (1984, I think).

No, bob would say, “For me, the story is irrelevant. If you disagree you are an inferior human being because I am always right about everything.”

That game ruled. I would love to see another game in that vein someday.

regardless of color or B&W , I can still interact. Cutscenes stop me doing that, and convert the medium from active to passive. I don’t like passive entertainment when I’m sat at a keyboard. I have a sofa and TV for that.

It’s like a book that has a button every chapter for you to play a movie. It totally changes the nature of the medium. If I play an FPS, I want to pretend its me, the moment some slack jawed twat starts ‘quipping’ and flirting as me in a cutscene, it just reiterates the fact that it is not me. In this case, the cut scene has actually broken any sense of immersion, and made me feel like I’m the protaginists stunt double, rather than the protaginist himself.
So there!

I never imagined I was The Nameless One, Max Payne, a marine on a moon base or Pac Man.
So there!

I most certainly would not. I’d merely think it.

Edit: And I would also never say “for me” because a game’s story is irrelevant for everyone whether they realize it or not.

Bob is consistent, which is why I like him.

except when they lock the doors on you forcing you to wait thru 5 minutes of terrible expository dialogue.

It’s like a book that has a button every chapter for you to play a movie.

Sounds cool. Where can I buy one?

Wow … then the cutscene haters would have disliked games like Diablo and Warcraft 3? I remember one of the things both myself and wife looked forward to in Diablo were the cutscenes. They were little bonuses at the end of each chapter. I even use to show the wife the cutscenes from war3 even though she never played it. She just loved Blizzard cutscenese.

Haven’t said that is it safe to assume that all the story-haters disliked Planescape:Torment which was as light on cutscenes as any modern game usually can be (one short one at the beginning and the end and it both cases you are dead so losing control to the cutscene makes perfect sense).

Torment had about 10-ish cutscenes; off the top of my head, I can think of short ones when you [SPOILERS for a damn old game]:

[li]Come into the Hive[/li][li]Leave the Mortuary and see the ghosts[/li][li]After meeting Ravel, and the Transcendent One finds her[/li][li]When you’re Mazed (though that one kinda fits with your two mentioned ones)[/li][li]Meet Annah for the first time[/ul]I also want to say there’s one around Carceri, but I haven’t played Torment in a few years.[/li]
Torment was hardly cutscene-heavy, though; you could go for hours and hours without bumping into one.

Until, you know, you cast a high-level spells, like the meteor shower, or the one that shoots a cannon from Mechanus. Technically they’re “animations”… but those later ones went on forever. (I’m a huge fan, but I can see how they’d be annoying to some people.)

And I hated those… they’re the bad kind of cutscene IMO.

Playing Jagged Alliance 2 at the moment, and every time I take a city of SAM site, I’m rewarded with a little cutscene from the palace. I look forward to them, it’s the game’s way of congratulating me for achieving something, as well as giving me a heads up on things to come.

I don’t see the problem, and while the effect could be managed in other ways, they are all inferior IMO.

Most games don’t treat their cutscenes as visual rewards, though. StarCraft and the Command & Conquer games have always done that right, I think. Gears of War, on the other hand, forces you to sit through minutes of poorly framed, poorly animated and poorly written exposition pretending to be conflict.

That’s not good. And most games do the same thing, really. It’s as if everyone learned how to do storytelling from Final Fantasy VII, which really tells its underwhelming and overly padded story in a pretty uninteresting manner.