Games that need sequels, but probably won't get them:

Well, aside from Star Control because that has its own thread.

Deathrow (XBox) - I just recently popped this back in and remembered how freaking awesome this game is. Two modes of play (Sport or Action), nice variety of teams, violence, fighting, sport, illicit player enhancements through drugs and gene therapy, customizable rules - the game has a lot going for it, and it somehow reminds me of the classic Speedball games of yore.
A proper sequel should enhance the team-management aspect of the game and perhaps flesh out the field types for more variety. It should definitely let you start a custom team from scratch and let you build up your roster and team into a true force to be feared. Also needs online multiplayer.

So, what are some of your choices of games that deserve a second chance but due to relative obscurity likely won’t?

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream. Seriously, that was just left WIDE OPEN at the ending.

I would fucking love a sequel to Deathrow, however. A year ago, or something like it, I heard rumors of a planned sequel by the developer, but they apparently never amounted to anything.

Phantom Dust (Xbox)

Thread over.

Sundog. One of its authors has been trying to get an open source sequel going since 2000 or so here, but it’s been in a kind of limbo.

It would be interesting seeing the completion of the Alternate Reality series. Only two game modules finished out of five planned in what was the most brutal rpg I’ve ever played (it had food, clothing, diseases, and weather so my main memories of the game were of my character freezing in the rain because I couldn’t afford warm clothes or a room in the inn, catching some plague or fever from the rats, starving because I couldn’t afford food, and eventually being stabbed to death by some thug when I stumbled into the wrong side of town at night)

Also, because meta-threads are “fun”:

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Tonfa-Gun is overheating

I don’t remember the name… Bio-something… -shock? -forge? A third-person action adventure game that starts you off as an amnesiac cyborg on some alien planet. IIRC one of the first things to do was to bludgeon your insane cellmate to death with his own arm. I just remember that it ended with you escaping the planet with enemies in hot pursuit, hinting at… nay, promising a sequel… which never came. And I really wanted to see how that story ended too. Sigh.


Re: Alternate Reality the City, my main memories are “oh my god!! this game has rain!” and “you watch the dance, you watch the dwarf.” Also “paws and claws could be the cause of anyone here’s demise.” Nice tavern songs in that game.

and Daikatana (but just the multiplayer).

Interstate 76 and Deus Ex. :(

Interstate 76


Also: Liquid Kids

Is the joke here that Interstate 76 and Deus Ex both had sequels that sucked? Because I didn’t think Invisible War was nearly as bad as I’82.

Anyway, I agree with jafd about Wasteland - that was a classic.

…but it still sucked. Anyway, yeah it was a joke. ( though I’d love to see a new I76 more )

Colonial Conquest (SSI)
Red Lighting
Steel Panthers
Panzer General
Carrier Command (there is a remake or two under production, but no sequels AFAIK, and I am not counting Battle Command as one)
Silent Service

Interstate '82 was not a sequel to Interstate '76. Activision thought that it was, but they were mistaken. It was more like a parody, really. A really bad parody, like one of those SNL skits that just goes on and on and on.

Sacrifice 2 “All Your Manahoars…are BACK!”

“Your creatures are dying … to return to the battlefield!”

Also, Ultima Underworld 3 and System Shock 3 need to happen.

hmm, i have yet to install the first one.

I’d sacrifice goats if it would get a Freespace 2 sequel made.

That game was so perfect, and left so many loose threads at the end.