Games that need sequels, but probably won't get them:

I thought there already was a Freespace 2? Or was it Independence day 2? Hmm.

I think he means Freespace 3.

Freespace 3 would rock my socks off.


Guardian Heroes, Gunstar Heroes
Alternate Reality, Ultima Online

Deathrow is definitely high on my list for a remake. I can only think of two imaginary sports games that I’ve enjoyed playing - Deathrow and Hyperball. Both would be great to have back and with more up to date graphics. Though… Deathrow holds up surprisingly well still.

That said, highest on my list: X-com.

Beyond that, I’d love to see another Star Wars flight-sim.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.
Master of Orion 2.

There are GBA sequels to both of these :/.

Ultima Underworld 3

Well, there’s always Arx Fatalis.

Seems Master of Magic won’t get any sequel (and I don’t count AoW here) anytime soon - not even a f’king remake. Bwaaah!

System shock probably won’t get any sequel either (ok, Bioshock might be close, but I want SHODAN, dammit)

and I guess the only way we’ll ever get a Starcraft sequel is by stopping playng WoW, forcing Blizzard to get revenues from something else. Actually - I wouldn’t be surprised if there was semi-finished code for starcraft in a secret vault somewhere just waiting for release. Or maybe not.


No, as to each, it’s basically a reprogrammed game for a different system. Like the Shining Force game for GBA.


Amen to that.

Ahh yes, I have many fond memories of Alternate Reality (both The City and The Dungeon). There were supposed to be 5 or 6 additional modules that took the story to it’s eventual conclusion, but alas, Datasoft went under and Phillp Price went back to lucrative government contract work in Hawaii.

That game would rock if it was redone today with an engine similar to Morrowind/Oblivion.

Imperialism III could consume hundreds of hours of my free time.

Baldur’s Gate 3 anyone?

I know many folks hated it, but I thought TES:Redguard was a pretty fun game, and would happily play through a sequel.

Freelancer 2. I still play Freelancer when I get into the “Wing Commander meets Elite” mood.

I own Redguard but have never played it. Worth trying?

Anyway, I want a real Might and Magic sequel. I am replaying M&M 6 right now and loving the hell out of it (even with the crappy graphics). I thought 7 was a step in the right direction, so I’d like to see more of that with a better engine.

MoM is an obvious one.

And here’s hoping BioShock captures the SS joy.

also, Vampire:Bloodlines. …fantastic game that didn’t sell well enough and will never see a sequel for obvious reasons. Too bad. A Werewolf version would be nice…or how about Mage? Wraith?

Duke Nukem

Has Sacrifice been mentioned yet?


Again, qt3 needs a quote board.

Cosmic Balance

There was a Starflight 2, actually. Came out in the late '80s I think.

I’m sure you mean it could use a modern sequel, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to nitpick.